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The Motown Beginning of Panthers Forward David Booth

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Around the Town:

“I grew up in Washington Township. It’s about 45 minutes north of Detroit. It’s a suburb of Detroit but there is a lot around there. It’s a great hockey area. It was a good community. It wasn’t in the city, which I like. It wasn’t downtown in a high traffic area and it was easy to get in and out. But there is still a lot to do. You can get anywhere in the Detroit area easily from there.”

Detroit’s Hockey Culture
“It’s within an hour to see good hockey and that was a big thing growing up. Good schools for hockey too. My dad got me into hockey. He put me on the team I played for growing up and it was the best team around, so that helped out a lot.”

American Pride
“I think that is something special. I take pride in being American. I am sure everyone here takes pride in being from whatever country they come from. I played for Team USA and a lot of my buddies on other teams and most of them are amongst only a few Americans on their teams. It’s a nice feeling.”

Going Home
“I played in a preseason game against Detroit. I had a ton of people at the game. That was a great experience. I wish we got to play them in the regular season.”

Detroit’s Best Dishes
“My favorite restaurant in the city is a place called Andiamo’s. It’s run by a kid I grew up playing with. It has the best food. It’s huge and has a banquet hall. They have concerts there. It’s a great Detroit area place to go to.”

Motor City Links
“Believe it or not, golf is one of the big attractions of Detroit. There are a lot of beautiful golf courses around there. That is one thing that people there do a lot of. In the summertime, people like lots of lake activities like boating, water skiing and tubing. They also have the auto show there that is pretty popular.”
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