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The Eagle Finds A New Nest

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

Hall of Fame goaltender Ed Belfour is adjusting to life in South Florida

Brian Goldman for Unrestricted

On July 25, the Florida Panthers signed the NHL's second all-time wins leader and future Hall of Fame goalie Ed Belfour. Belfour won the Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in 1999 and on August 10 at the Panthers Fifth 'Cats Cookout', captain Olli Jokinen presented Belfour with his new No. 20 Florida Panthers jersey in front of hundreds of Panthers fans. Luckily, The Eagle had a few moments to sit down with Unrestricted after signing autographs for his new fans, and share his thoughts on a variety of topics.

What was it like to lift the Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars?

It was an unbelievable feeling and a dream come true. It was something ever since I was five or six, playing street hockey, I always played for the Stanley Cup with my buddies and to really do it and win it is just unbelievable. And you know, I screamed a lot!

How familiar are you with new teammate and fellow goalie Alex Auld and do you look forward to working with him?

I don't know a lot about Alex. I have played against him a couple of times and seen him play on TV a few more times. He competes in the net and he is a big goalie. I definitely look forward to working with him.

Would you like to finish your historic career with the Florida Panthers?

I'm glad I'm here in Florida and as far as ending my career, I try not to think about that because I'm getting older. So I try to stay away from those thoughts. But if I could play another four or five more years here, that would be great.

How did you get the nickname 'Eagle'?

When I had my first mask made when I was a rookie in Chicago, I had eagles put on it and ever since then the guys have called me eagle.

You are scuba certified. Plan on taking advantage of that in the South Florida waters?

Yes, definitely. I love scuba diving. And both my wife and my son do it as well, so I will definitely be taking advantage of it down here.

You also like cars and racing cars. What is your favorite car and would you like to race in the Daytona 500?

I would definitely love to race at the Daytona 500 in the stock cars. I had a chance to do one of the half day classes with a former teammate of mine. We raced each other at the end of the day and had a blast. I have had racing in my blood ever since I was little, just like hockey. I have a car shop myself where we restore muscle cars and build street rods and trucks. As far as my favorite car goes, it's probably a '71 Hemi Cuda Convertible which has gone up in value to about $4 million now and they were about $4,000 back in '71.

Do you have one?

No I don't have one, but I wish I had one. I love racing and who knows, maybe someday after I'm done playing hockey, maybe I can get into stock car racing.

What does it mean to you to have the second most wins in NHL history?

It's an incredible honor. At the same time I am very thankful I played on a lot of great teams. I played with a lot of great teammates and had the chance to win a Stanley Cup. Hopefully I will have the chance to do that here in Florida too.

If Olli Jokinen had a break-a-way on you, would he score?


What is your favorite hockey movie of all-time?

Probably Slapshot. I'm sure everyone says that, but it is a funny movie and a lot of neat things happen in that movie.

What would you like to say to your all of the fans of the Florida Panthers?

I just want to say I look forward to playing in front of the fans and I hope they enjoy the way I play and I hope I can help bring a Stanley Cup to Florida and have a great time here.

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