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Summer Plans: Aleksander Barkov

by Jameson Olive / @JamesonCoop /

Welcome to the brand new series "Summer Plans," where your favorite Florida Panthers players share what they'll be up to in the months before the 2019-20 season.

This week's Panther: Aleksander Barkov

Q: How much time do you plan to take off before getting back to work this summer?

BARKOV: For me, maybe I can go two weeks without moving - maximum.

Q: What's your offseason training regime like? How does it progress over time?

BARKOV: After a few weeks, I have to start to do something. Nothing really hard, just small steps and the basics. From there, things just pick up as the summer goes a long.

Q: Do you plan to train with any other current or former NHL players?

BARKOV: Patrik Laine is from my town (Tampere, Finland), but I don't really work with him because he works out in a different city. Ville Nieminen, who used to play in the league, he usually gives us all programs and stuff to work on. I usually work out every day with Haapy [Henrik Haapala]. We kind of grew up together.

Q: Does training all the time with a guy like Haapala push you to become a better player?

BARKOV: Yeah. He's a little bit smaller, so he needs to get bigger; I'm bigger, so I need to get faster. We always compete, which is good for us.

Q: What are you going to focus the most on during your training this offseason?

BARKOV: I usually try to work on everything. The game's getting faster, so you have to be faster too. Maybe I'll do a little more fast work, but at the same time it's going to be everything.

Q: You've spent a lot of time with the guys in that locker room this season. Which one of your Panthers teammates do you think you're going to miss seeing the most on a regular basis throughout the summer?

BARKOV: All of them. I'm going to Finland, so nobody's probably going to come and visit me [smiles].

Q: What's the biggest non-hockey event currently on your schedule this summer?

BARKOV: I have a golf charity tournament with Laine coming up. After that, I have a couple teammate's weddings to go to over here. Then maybe some vacations, but I don't know yet.

Q: How much do you look forward to reconnecting with your teammates at those weddings?

BARKOV: It's always nice. You spend a lot of time with those guys here. To see them off ice and not in season, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Q: The summer is usually when the some of the biggest concerts happen and the most highly-anticipated movies are released. Do you have anything like that circled on your calendar right now?

BARKOV: There's no new Fast & Furious movies coming out, so no.

Q: But they do have that Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw spinoff coming out sometime in August, I believe. Will you watch that?

BARKOV: Oh yeah? Maybe I'll go and see that.

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