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Steve DiSchiavi's Health Tips

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

sponsored by HealthSouth

Steve Dischiavi, the Florida Panthers official Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer, has partnered up with HealthSouth, the official team Rehabilitation Specialists, for a new health feature - Steve Dischiavi's Health Tips. See below for the first tip.

Health Tip Topic: Stretching

There are two things to remember when stretching. We either stretch prior to exercise to prevent injury or stretch after exercise to permanently increase a muscles length.

Let's say we are going for a run and we stretch prior, remember to get a little sweat going before you stretch. Stretches are to be held, without bouncing, for 30 seconds and performed three times.

Stretching to increase overall flexibility is best to be done as a cool down AFTER exercise, again each held for 30 seconds and up to as many as 6-10 reps.

Good luck and remember: an educated mind leads to a healthier body.

Steve Dischiavi, MPT, ATC, CSCS

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