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Staying Connected In The Business World

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
More than 60 business partners of Sunrise Sports & Entertainment’s attended Thursday’s ‘Get Connected Networking Series’ luncheon at Morton’s Steakhouse in Boca Raton.

The monthly luncheons, which helps the South Florida business community stay ‘connected’ while featuring notable guest speakers discussing relevant business topics, featured SSE president and COO Michael Yormark.
SSE’s Steve Ziff, Senior Director of Brand Activation, talked about today’s event at Morton’s and the benefits of staying ‘connected.’
Q: What’s the advantage of and networking in general for the South Florida business community.
Ziff: “The benefits of networking are considerable. You’re reaching out to the local business community and realizing what they have to offer, and they’re realizing what you have to offer. It’s a wonderful opportunity to open relationships and ultimately work together with other SSE business partners.
“During challenging times like these, creating partnerships and working together can really help kickstart the economy and local business. It’s really a great way to develop relationships that can lead to future success.”
Q: Can you give us an example?
Ziff: “Let’s say a small, local business is trying to establish himself and wants to open a door to a larger, more established organization, like one of our Pillar Partners. As a small business, it can be difficult to gain access to key decision makers in a face-to-face setting. Through networking in a safe environment like SSE’s we provide our partners with opportunities to open doors and create relationships.
“Today, after Michael Yormark spoke, our partners had a chance to introduce themselves in a bit of a round-table discussion. It was very informal and it worked quite nicely.”
Q: And it all can start at lunch?
Ziff: “Definitely. In fact, the reason we do lunch is it’s short and quick. People like to get the specifics – they have a purpose being there – and then get back to the office. But, obviously, besides the great lunch, it’s the chance to form business relationships and partnerships. It’s a unique opportunity we’re extremely pleased to provide to our business partners.”
Q:  How does a local business get access to this type of networking opportunity?
Ziff: "This is just one of the unique benefits of partnership with Sunrise Sports & Entertainment.  These opportunities are available to businesses of all sizes and industries.  We look forward to working with any local, regional, or national business that is interested in creating relationships with our business partners."

Q: When is the next ‘Get Connected Networking Series?’
Ziff: “Our next event will be Aug. 19 at Morton’s Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale and we’ll be announcing our next guest speaker shortly.  Stay tuned!”
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