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Rookie Rant: Ice Please!

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Following the huge success of last season's Kelli's Korner, would like to introduce this season's BOVA Panthers Ice Dancer blogger, Yendi. A rookie this season, Yendi will be sharing her thoughts on this upcoming season from what's going on with the dancers to what's going on and off the ice, as well as anything else that she cares to discuss in her blog known as ROOKIE RANT.

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Time flies when you are having fun and now, as the festive holiday season approaches, my Rookie season with the Bova Panthers Ice Dancers has been an incredible ride so far-I can’t wait for more! I still can’t believe I made it on the calendar, no matter how many times I sign it. As a professional dancer all of my life I can proudly say that I have trained very hard in various forms of dance. I have never really dabbled in the world of professional cheer and dance teams until now; and boy is it different. Up until now I have been a classical and contemporary ballerina, on pointe shoes and everything, never had I done a hard core kick line routine with split leaps before the Bova Panthers Ice Dancers. Needless to say, the Ice Dancers practice very hard all week - every week, to provide you- the fans, with top notch entertainment. Let’s begin with a day in the life of an Ice Dancer, as I take you through my reality. 
Practicing at the BankAtlantic Center

Initiation Ceremony Baby – Vet Year (Monica, Judy, Megan, Kalya, Yendi, Lola, Brittany)

I begin my week with a high impact cross training workout at 24 Hour Fitness followed by three hours of practice with the rest of the girls. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I practice yoga and do ballet class then head over to practice for another three hours either at the BankAtlantic Center or the gym. Thursdays we usually practice at Incredible Ice in the Dance studio upstairs, so I take advantage of the equipment and get in about an hour of weight training and stretching before practice. Practice runs until about 11:00 pm at Incredible Ice because we have to wait our turn to get on the ice; my favorite practices are at Incredible Ice because if my hamstrings are sore I can just sit on the ice before we do our kick line routines (I wonder if they’d let me do that before home games, you know, for good luck). Friday nights are usually our nights off, if there isn’t a game. In order to understand the whole aspect of being an Ice Dancer you have to factor in our public appearances, calendar sales, game performances along with the crazy training and practice regimen. Sounds like a handful right? It is definitely hard work being a Bova Panthers Ice Dancer but so worth it, I cannot tell you enough how much fun I am having. This whole thing really is a dream come true and the people I work with are marvelous! 
Megan, Peggy, Kayla, Jacqueline and Jessica practice one of the routines

80’s Night at Practice – Brianna, Ayako, Yendi, Peggy, Simona and Lola

Modeling Casa Bikini at Bahia Cabana in Ft. Lauderdale for the Florida Power Boat Club Boat Show Bash 2009 (Jessica, Yendi, Courtney, Brittany, Silvia, Simona, Catherine, Kelli, Krystal)

Here is a video of Rookie Brianna with her pom scrunching technique, this is great for all you cheerleaders and dance team out there:

Bahamas Video Scrapbook for the Bova Panthers Ice Dancers 2010 Calendar:

This week I introduce you to Krystal, she’s hilarious and super cute! Her big eyes express so much and she doesn’t have to say a word to let you know what she’s thinking. During our 80’s themed practice night she showed up decked out in a white leotard, red fishnet tights, high top sneakers and really big gold hoop earrings, I laughed my head off. I have never seen her upset or moody and she kept the group morale up when we were in the Bahamas starving and covered in mosquito bites. Krystal is of Cuban descent and always jumps in to help me out when I’m trying to teach Spanish to the girls that don’t know it. She can’t hide her Miami accent (according to the other girls on the team) but I think she speaks just fine! Make sure to catch her at one of our games and in our calendar.

Next week I bring you a recap of our calendar our latest adventures including a NASCAR Sunday appearance (that was so much fun).  Also, more adventures from the BankAtlantic Center, I met a suite full of Hot Moms during my last run and I got the picture to prove it! 
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