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Rapid Fire: Reasons For Fighting

by Bill Lindsay / Florida Panthers
Welcome to Rapid Fire. Panthers broadcasters Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay will hit five different thoughts on a daily rotating basis. It's up to them as far as what topics they want to talk about as teams, and more specifically the Panthers, make a push towards the playoffs and the Stanley Cup.

Bill Lindsay discusses his five reasons for fighting.

With the NY Rangers/New Jersey Devils game played last night in which there were three fights, six fighting majors assessed and 40 minutes in penalties all within the first three seconds of the game we take a look at why fighting should always be a part of the NHL.

1. Police Themselves: Players are allowed to police themselves and protect the star players on the team. Without fighting the stars are open season. You can do what you want when you want to the big time players. As it is now, you take a shot at a star and you must be willing to pay a price.

2. Repercussions: It prevents players from running around and doing what they want on the ice. Without fighting a 5'8" player could skate around slash/hit and run his mouth without any fear of any repercussion. 

3. Become More Violent: The game could become even more violent without fighting. Take the ninja game from last night with all the bad blood. They have a big fight on the opening face-off and the issue is resolved. Without fighting players would be looking all game for dirty and cheap ways for retaliation.

4. Brings Excitement: I have never seen anybody sit down during a fight. Say what you want but the fans seem to love a good tilt.

5. A Part Of History: It is a part of the NHL and always has been. That's the way it is and always has been. To play in this league you have to be tough; bottom line. It is the best league in the world.

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