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President's Letter: Important Fan Forum Feedback

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

Dear Fans,

I hope you are doing well. As you may be aware, over the past six Florida Panthers home games our Vice President of Sales & Service Ryan McCoy and I have been hosting pregame fan forums with season seat owners to get their feedback on everything from their in-arena experience to their overall customer service.

These forums have been enlightening to say the least and it is clear that we must further enhance our commitment to providing the best experience and service in the sports and entertainment industry.

That said, we have already begun to act upon some of the feedback we have gotten and wanted to update all of our fans with responses to the most frequently received comments and issues:

SSO representative responsiveness: We are developing a training program to provide our reps with better service skills. We are also giving the reps more autonomy to make good customer service decisions so they can respond to SSO requests faster and more efficiently. We are also beginning to add more staff to better attend to SSO needs.

Game presentation related issues: We have met with our game presentation staff and have directed them to equitably include all fans (400 level, club level, suite level and 100 level) in fan interaction and recognition elements. In addition, we have already implemented additional replays in to the game presentation but are somewhat limited by our current technology.

Scoreboard: We are actively looking in to a new scoreboard and hope to have one in place sooner rather than later.

SSO benefits: As some fans did not find value in the free SSO concert series we will be sending an update within the next 48 hours with alternative benefits for SSO to choose from.

Parking: In the short term we are working with our vendor USA Parking to expedite parking ingress and egress for the remainder of the season. In the long term we are considering designated SSO parking entrances.

Honoring SSO longevity: We are working on a program to honor SSOs that have been with the organization for a long time, specifically original 93 SSOs. This program should be announced by the end of the season.

Acknowledging special dates for SSO: Due in large part to fan feedback, we have invested in a new CRM system that captures this personal fan data and will allow us to be proactive in acknowledging SSO birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Philosophical approach to SSO benefits: Although the industry standard is to base benefits on number of games as opposed to number of dollars invested, we are researching new ways to apply benefits that will satisfy all parties.

Ticket exchange and blacked out games: We are one of the only NHL teams to utilize a ticket exchange program and in order to grow our business properly we need to maintain certain limitations. That said, we encourage you to contact your rep with any special circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Consistent section ushers: We are working with our building General Manager to maintain a consistent usher in SSO sections but this is sometimes made difficult by the frequency of events at the BB&T Center.

That said, we will continue to host these forums for the remainder of the season and we will not stop working until we are providing the incredible level of customer service you expect and deserve. In addition, we encourage you to continue providing feedback in anyway possible and to utilize the “suggestions” area on our web site which can be found here:

Thank you for your time and continued support of this franchise and go Panthers.


Michael R. Yormark


Florida Panthers

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