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Predictions: US/Canada

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers


Who are the Panthers picking?
Player Final Score Winner Thoughts On Game Most Memorable Canada/USA Moment
3-2 The rivalry is a big one. I think it's going to be a tight game and a low-scoring game. Obviously I think the US is going to win. They've done well this tournament but it's kind of a crap shoot. The two teams are all-star teams so it's whoever comes out to play and maybe gets a good bounce. I would say the Vancouver Olympics but obviously not the gold medal game...but the game before that. I was jumping up and down in the basement with my dad. We had a good time watching that one!
N/A   It should be fun to watch. I don't know who I got winning. I'd be guessing. Being Canadian, I hope they win but I think it will be a pretty tight game. Watching the Canada/US World Cup Final in Montreal. It was the second game of the series and the first in Montreal’s new arena. We had great seats and got to see all the stars.
3-1* It's a great rivalry and it should be a good game. The teams are evenly matched in all areas. I think it's going to be a low scoring game. I just don't want a bad bounce to effect the game or for it to go to a shootout. I remember the World Cup when Brett Hull deflected the shot and it was kind of controversial if it was a high stick or not but that was kind of the first time that the US beat Canada and did anything meaningful. I think it was '96 and it showed that we could play with them and beat them.
4-3  The US is more explosive and faster but I like Shea Weber. I just want to see a good game. I think it will be pretty close. think there's too much offense on both sides. Both teams will be at their best so they won't shut down either team.   
3-2  I think the good guys are going to pull out the victory. I know a lot of the guys on the team, played with and against. Rooting for the US to have a good showing. The previous games, they've put together some good games by rolling four lines. Probably the biggest moment was in 2010 because I was a teammate of Zach Parise and he scored the goal to tie it with seconds to go. That game was probably the best game I have ever seen as a fan of hockey. We were in San Jose at the time and we went to this big sports bar. It was just jammed. The energy in the place and the game itself was just amazing.
3-2 I think the US team looks really good. To me they have looked like the best team in the tournament. Canada has won but they've had some tight games. That could end up being good for them in a tight game too but I'm liking USA's chances. The World Cup in 1996. It was US/Canada in the finals. I was going to school at the University of Vermont and we went up to Game 2 in Montreal.
3-2^ I'm a big Canadian hockey fan. I'm pulling for the boys. I think it's going to be a great game. The Americans, if you look at the way they've been playing, they probably are the favorite but it comes down to some lucky bounces and goaltending. In a 60 minute game, anything can happen. Obviously them winning gold in Vancouver in 2010 was pretty special. Being a part of Team Canada in the World Juniors, we got to play against the Americans and we've done pretty well with them in the past. Those were always big games, World Junior games so those were fond memories too. 
4-3   It's going to be an unbelievable game for hockey in North America. Both teams have stars in their lineups. I've got to give the homeland the nod. I think we're going to have a big game as the offense is going to start coming. The Maple Leaf is going to be waving around the locker room I think.  Sidney Crosby burying the goal in Vancouver. I was in Ottawa for that and the emotion downtown in Canada's capital was like nothing I ever seen before.
4-2* Nowadays between Canada and the US it's pretty even. Obviously it's Canada's game but the US has some great players. It's going to be an emotional game and it's going to be a fun game. It's going to be great for the NHL. Vancouver 2010. I thought it was a great venue to win it in and it was great to watch.
3-2^ It will be a low scoring game. Canada will win in overtime and Carey Price will be named the first star and will be the difference maker in Canada's semifinal win. I think Sidney Crosby four years ago in Vancouver with the game-winning goal in overtime to clinch the gold medal. Obviously it's iconic not only for Canada but Sid Crosby to be the captain and the best player in the world to win it, that's probably the biggest.
      * - Empty Net Goal, ^ - Overtime  
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