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Peeke's Points: Beyond The Cowbell

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Cliff Peeke, a Panther season ticket holder since DAY ONE, is back blogging on for a fifth season, giving the point of view on the Cats from a serious, die-hard fan’s perspective in his own blog titled Peeke’s Points.

A Michigan native who’s played hockey most his life (admittedly average at best), Cliff grew up watching the Red Wings games at the old Olympia Stadium.  His allegiance changed to the Panthers the moment it was announced South Florida would have a team.
Cliff owns InXpress USA – South Florida (DHL international shipping and Freight).  He has a wife and two sons (Trevor, 29, and Andrew, 13).  Andrew has played on Tier 1 Jr. Panther teams since first eligible, and will be playing defence for the Bantam Minor, Tier 1, AAA, Florida Allliance in the ’11-’12 season..

Peeke's Points Archive

Please note that the views expressed in this blog are views expressed by the blogger only and are not necessarily the views expressed by the Florida Panthers Hockey Club.

A real life scenario…I’m at a Flyers game last year at the BankAtlantic Center (different seats than my season tickets) and have a family of four, including two kids ages of around 4 and 6, sitting directly behind me. They all have cowbells. The two kids are clanging their cowbells during the whole first period. I ask the dad (in a very kind way) if there is any way they can reduce the cowbell clanging for the remaining two periods. The response was exactly what I anticipated…“Hell no…my kids love the cowbells and the Panthers gave them to us…so YOU can move if you don’t like it”, typical lack-of-human-courtesy response. That noise pollution made that the worst game of the season for me.

A neighbor of mine went to a game for the first time last year and also had the misfortune of sitting next to a mom and young daughter who were both slinging their cowbells throughout the game. The following day my neighbor told me he would not go to another game unless he knew that he can be moved to a similar seat in the event of having to endure the cowbell-hell.

Many humans care little about how their actions affect others around them. That’s why you always see fans in first rows leaning forward and disrupting views from those behind them. How about those with puck-hats…ever sat behind one of them. Then, you have the intoxicated idiots spewing foul-mouthed vulgarities around young kids.

Somehow the cowbells worked their way in. 

I am not this old, crusty, original-six, give me the Chicago organ music kind of guy (although nothing ever beat that organ in the old Chicago Stadium).  I am fine with the rock music (no rap), the Ice Dancers (yes!), and I can even endure the once-a-game-kiss-cam (barely). But to sit next to the incessant cowbell noise while trying to watch a hockey game is absolutely brutal. I would rather be forced to watch two hours of kiss-cam replays than to sit next to that family of four I mentioned above.

Here’s why I bring this up…if there was some reason that they existed (which I have to guess was to try and generate more noise from fans)…then I believe we are beyond that. As I wrote in my prior blog, we finally have a team that will create excitement on the ice with a real shot at post-season action, and players that possess more skill than we’ve seen in years. When you have that on-ice product producing points and looking downwards from the standings…believe me, the arena will be an exciting place to be. I really think we are there. I know the team needs to gel, and they will, and we have such a great future ahead as well. 

I believe this team is “beyond the cowbells”.

Unsigned Ex-Panthers…

Corey Stillman…he has enough left to do what he does best…laser passes and intelligent hockey sense. I’m sure teams have inquired…he must really be serious about retiring.

Sergei Samsonov…I thought his brief stint with the Panthers at the end of the season would have turned a few GM heads. I even thought we should really consider offering a contract. That he is unsigned is surprising to me.

Bryan McCabe…unless his asking price was too high on July 1st, its just hard to believe he is not on some team’s roster. How do you go from captain to unwanted in just a few short months.

I enjoy reading the comments (some from around the world) after one of these…so please share your thoughts…my email is
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