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Panthers Mailbag: 02.26.10

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

Welcome to the Panthers Mailbag, a feature that can be found only on

Questions from around the world came in for our players and coaching staff so look below to see if your question was answered. If not, don't worry, it could be answered in future mailbags. And if you haven't submitted a question or would like to, just fill out the form found on this page.

Questions can be found in bold. And if something needs additional commentary or clarification, it will come in italics before the player provides his answer.

And away we go.

Question for Dmitry Kulikov - How is it that you speak better English than your other foreign teammates and basically other foreign NHL players?

Yury K – Ft Lauderdale, FL

Kulikov -
(laughing) “I still think I'm pretty bad and feel I have a lot to learn but I don't know. I guess I'm that talented (laughing). I just picked it up.”

Follow up: Was it har to pick up, specially since putting off English class back in Russia?

Kulikov -
“Yeah. I didn't pay much attention to English class when I was in school. I thought I would never need it but last year when I came to Quebec, I had to learn it. There had to be some way to communicate with other people, whether it was English or French. So I chose English and had a couple of English classes for about two weeks and that was pretty much it. I learned a lot through talking to the guys on the team and the coach and watching a lot of English movies.”

Follow up: English movie that has helped you the most?

Kulikov –
“You know what? The other night I watched Notorious and it was pretty good.”

Question for Tomas Vokoun - Who is your all time favorite goalie and why?

Josh Schuldiner - Davie, FL

Vokoun -
It would be Dominik Hasek because he's from the same country. Obviously all his achievements and how he started the wave of European goalies. Following his career growing up. He's a pretty unbelievable player so it's got to be him.

Question for David Booth - I was wondering what kind of car you drive? I'm So glad your back in the game! I'm a huge fan!

Ashley McCloskey – Davie, FL

Booth –
“ I drive a 2002 Super Sport Camaro.”

Question for Peter DeBoer – Outside of the rink, do people teat you normal or ask you for autograph and all that? P.S. Please i am dying to see a playoff game live.

Gregory Lee – Coconut Creek, FL

DeBoer -
(laughing) “You know what, my kids go to school down here and I think most of their classmates know that their dad coaches the NHL team so you get a lot of questions when you're around your kids friends or around school, picking them up or dropping them off and that's nice. There's general interest in the team down here and it's really great to see.”

Question for David Booth - Hey David. I’m a huge fan and my question is a little bizarre but what’s the weirdest thing you've ever seen or done in public! People ask me that all the time so I just thought what a Florida Panthers player would respond! Thanks!

Jessica Hernandez – Voorhees, NJ

Booth –
“What's the weirdest thing I've seen in public? Wow. I don't know. I've seen some weird things but can't think of any I can share.”

Question for Michael Frolik - Do you feel any different as a player in the NHL now that its your second year?

Kara Knuck – Palm Beach, FL

Frolik –
“For sure. The first year, nobody really expected anything from me and I think I just surprised people a little bit. The second year, everything is a bit harder because guys expect from you more things. I know everybody here and how it goes here so in that way, it's a little bit easier. I just try to learn every year and be better every year.”

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