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Panthers Mailbag: 02.12.10

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

Welcome to the Panthers Mailbag, a feature that can be found only on

Questions from around the world came in for our players and coaching staff so look below to see if your question was answered. If not, don't worry, it could be answered in future mailbags. And if you haven't submitted a question or would like to, just fill out the form found on this page.

Questions can be found in bold. And if something needs additional commentary or clarification, it will come in italics before the player provides his answer.

And away we go.

Question for Tomas Vokoun - Is there any way you can get out of a slump?

Parker Fritts - Lantana, FL

Vokoun -
"There's no easy way (to get out of a slump). It can turn on one play, one goal. There's so many things. It's never one thing you can come out and say 'We have got to do that' and it's going to turn and go from losing to winning and vice versa. It's really about playing hard and playing the right way and doing the right things system wise. Relying on that, it's going to help you to overcome maybe deficiencies that you have in other areas. That's a start."

Question for Steven Reinprecht - Who was your favorite player growing up?

Jake Brown - Orlando, FL

Reinprecht -
"It was Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. I grew up in Edmonton and we had season tickets and went to all the games. It was a lot of fun to watch them play.

"As a kid I met Messier, but with Gretzky I didn't meet him until i played in Phoenix."

Question for Bryan Allen - How did you lose some of your teeth?

Alex L - Parkland, FL

Allen -
"The first tooth I lost when I got hit with the puck. It broke my nose and the tooth was cracked. The second tooth was a cross-check and the tooth came right out."

Question for Stephen Weiss - How was it to play against Bouw on the 5th? i know you guys are still friends. Also how often do you guys stay in touch?

Jonathan Garvin - Boca Raton - FL

Weiss -
"It was a life-changing experience let me tell you. Na it was a little bit weird. I've been teammates with him for the last seven years so it was a odd to see him on the other side. But I've played against a lot of former teammates. It's a part of the business.

"We chatted at the start of the year, when we were in Calgary but not too much once the season got going. Then we caught up once he was down here. We stay in touch when we can but it's tough during the season with the crazy schedules that both teams have."

Question for Tomas Vokoun - Hey Tomas, How do you feel about representing your home country in the Winter Olympics?

Gabriel Nogueira - Milan, Italy

Vokoun -
"I think for any athlete, it's pretty special. Playing in the Olympics in Canada, obviously no question about it, with the best payers in the game, playing with them and against them, I think it's unbelievable. It's a great feeling and it's going to be a lot of fun."

Question for Jordan Leopold - What is your favorite part about Florida?

Marissa Jezierski - New York, NY

Leopold -
"That's a good question. I would have to say that living in a cold climate, the warm climate is the best part.

"I do miss winter. Obviously when things aren't going well, it's nice to see a nice sunny, warm day outside."

Question for Shawn Matthias - I've always been a fan of yours. In the game against Montreal, you were very intimidating. Your two goals made my day. i was just wondering what were your thoughts right before the penalty shot?

Tara DeLong - Royal Palm Beach, FL

Matthias -
"Once I fell down, I was looking right at the referee to see if there was a penalty or not and he pointed. It was just an adrenaline rush and I got pretty fired up for it and I was just excited. I just wanted to go out there and score. There was an opportunity go score a goal and help the team out. I never had a penalty shot before in sports so I think that it was just an adrenaline rush to go. There were no nerves, just so pumped up for it."

Follow up - Did you have a particular move in mind going into it or did you just go with what the goalie gave you?

"We do shootouts in practice quite a bit so I've been working on that shootout move the last few practices, just trying it. As soon as I saw the ref's signal, I had the move in mind. The move has been 50/50 for me. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I totally miss the net so I'm happy that it worked out."

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