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Murphy Answers Fans Questions

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Defenseman Cory Murphy
It’s been a circuitous route to the NHL for Cory Murphy, but the Panthers 29-year-old rookie has proven he belongs with his ability to find the open man, move the puck, and quarterback the power play.

The Kanata, Ontario, native sat down with to answer your questions.

Murphy, a four-year starter at Colgate, was undrafted and wound up spending six seasons playing in Europe before being signed last summer by the Panthers.

From Jussi Erkkila: How do you remember Raimo Helminen? You know he is retiring after this season at the age of 44. What do you remember of your time in Tampereen IIves?

I remember him because he’s a legend in Finland. He’s been one of the best players in Finland for years. He’s represented his team in 6 Olympics and a lot of other international events. He’s very famous and a really good guy and a great player. I remember I got to play for two years with him and it was two really good years playing with him and in that city. It was two really fun years for me and I had a really great time.

From Heidy Gonzalez: If you weren’t a hockey player, what career would you have chosen instead?

An elementary school teacher. I like kids and I could see myself doing that.

From Chaniet531: What advice would you give to a kid who is just starting to play ice hockey?

Have fun. That’s the number one thing for anyone. That’s why I started playing and that’s why I continue to play. The main thing is to make sure you are having fun.

From David Johnson: Do you have any suggestions as to how best to prepare to possibly play Division I college hockey?

Your work ethic has to be number one because when you make that next jump, which is a significant step up from playing junior hockey its all about working hard and being prepared all the time.

From Danny Brisson: What’s your trick to scoring power play goals?

No tricks, just trying to get the puck to the net is the main thing then good things will happen.

From Keith Manuel: If you could play in any NHL based arena past or present, where would it be and why?

Montreal Forum because I grew up as a Montreal Canadiens fan going to games at the Forum. There’s so much history in that building and I think to play in that building would be pretty amazing.

From Stephane Kadoch: How frustrating does it get being constantly brought down by the media because of your smaller size?

It’s not frustrating at all. It’s part of being small and I don’t get frustrated at all. It’s reality. I’m not a big player and there’s nothing I can do about it so it doesn’t bother me at all.

From Demi: What is the difference between playing hockey in Europe and playing hockey in the United States?

The biggest difference here is the speed of the game and the overall size and speed of the players. It’s much faster, and players are bigger and stronger here. It’s an adjustment to adjust to this and get used to the tempo and speed of the game.

From Casey McCarthy: What are your hobbies off of the ice?

I like to watch movies and read and play golf in the summer.

From Joni Rouvinen: What was is like playing for HIFK in Finland?

It was great. It was one year but it was a great year for me. It’s one of the oldest teams in Finland and with a lot of history and great past and great building. It was a special time in my life and a year that I will always remember.
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