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Men's Health With Doctor Stein

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

Hello hockey fans of South Florida, I am the official urologist for the Florida Panthers and I'm here today to give you some important men's health tips. These are tips of prevention and education so that you can prolong your life and your family’s life as well.

It's very important for men to take care of themselves. Generally they don't and that's why you see many men going to the hospital, going to the emergency room for diseases and situations that could have easily been prevented.

The first area that I wanted to discuss with you is benign enlargement of the prostate. As men get older, the prostate that is a gland that runs between the bladder and the urethra gets enlarged and at times it obstructs the urinary flow. It can even go as far as giving someone bladder stones or even kidney failure. A very easy preventative way is to understand the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate and act on it by a physical examination by seeing your urologist or seeing your local doctor so that you can head off any signs of infection or any complications.

The next area of significance is prostate cancer. We know that statistics show that one in every six men within their lifetime will develop prostate cancer. Having a family history of prostate cancer is even more worrisome and more bothersome and something that needs to be investigated. 232,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be found every year and 30,000 men will die. Some of these can be prevented. Having an examination, taking a history. Having some simple blood tests can give you early warning and help prevent the development or the progression of prostate cancer.

New developments in prostate cancer are exciting and something that we can offer in this community. The cryotherapy approach is a minimally invasive approach to actually freezing the cancer on the prostate and in selected cases, kidney cancers. This prevents the having of a major, serious operation to treat the cancers. This type of procedure is done as an outpatient and is showing great results in the right patients, especially the patients that are picked up early.

One of the important preventative things that any man can do is to make sure that you get an annual history and physical by your local doctor or if you need to, you can certainly see a urologist. That way you would be able to be on the cutting edge of picking up any disease at an early stage.

Talking about an area that affects many of the younger men in our arena is testicular tumors. We've seen them in popular baseball players. We've seen them in bicycle riders. Testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer found in men between the ages of 20 and 40. Easily picked up by self-examination or by examination by a professional and preventable, it's the best treated cancer of men that we have.

One of the areas that can be picked up early or even prevented is bladder cancer. Some of you are smokers. That's a strong risk factor for developing bladder cancer. It can be very devastating but if you can pick it up early even by finding a little blood in the urine, little microscopic blood, you can be well ahead of preventing the progression of the disease.

Another area that people ask me about is erectile dysfunction. It's a pretty popular topic, worth a lot of jokes, but it's serious in that there are millions of men in the United States that seriously have a problem. Sometimes it comes out early in the 30s and 40s; sometimes earlier but often later. This is something that is treatable. We have oral agents. We have different treatments. This is something that should be dealt with for your mental health, for your family’s mental health and something that is going to give you a certain amount of satisfaction.

Erectile dysfunction, despite the fact that is causes a certain amount of consternation to men can actually be an early warning sign of much more serious disease, whether it's high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Investigating and following up on erectile dysfunction can actually be a preventative measure.

Considering male infertility. 40 percent of couples have a predominant male factor as the cause of their infertility or the inability to have a baby. 40 percent of the time, it's the woman and the female factor but 30/40 percent, there's an overlap between men and women. If both members of the couple get it investigated, then you would be able to find out whether the male factor is significant and treatable.

I've given you a lot of the bad news so far as what diseases you could, should or may even develop but I want to give you some positive things. I want to give you some ideas and things of simple little that you can do to prevent cancer and prevent complications down the line.

Simply having tomato sauce, whether it's on pizza or anything else that has stewed tomatoes can be a preventative for prostate cancer and prevent an enlarged prostate. Taking simple vitamins and herbs like Vitamin E, selenium that you can get in a health food store. These are things that can prevent and protect against prostate cancer.

Drinking a lot of fluids, a lot of water and staying away from colas will help prevent kidney stones. That is something that is very painful and very debilitating. Watch your smoking habits. If you can get out of smoking, get out of smoking because smoking only ominous for lung, bladder and kidney cancer.

Basically, I'd like you to remember our logo. You've probably seen it around the arena. Weak Stream, We're Your Team. Urology Consultants of South Florida, and my self as the president, are available conveniently for you. We have offices in Lauderdale Lakes, Margate, Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach. You can reach us at our central phone number 954-979-2444 or go to our website at and we're here to give you advice or help you through whatever crisis you may have.

Thank you very much.

Quick Questions And Answers:

Question 1: What could be the possible cause of pain during urination?
Answer: Pain is usually a symptom of irritation. This can be as a result of infection or bleeding or from a foreign body like a catheter. A doctor's visit with a urinalysis can help pinpoint the source of the pain.

Question 2: "Is it normal to get up at night to void (pee)?"

Answer: I am often asked whether getting up at night is normal. For the most part, it is. Much of the fluids taken in by the body get processed and eliminated by the kidneys at night. The fluids that accumulate in the legs during the day also get mobilized and eliminated at night. That being said, getting up an excessive amount, like at least two times or more needs to be explored by your primary doctor or a urologist, since it may be a symptom of more significant heart, circulation, renal and breathing conditions rather than bladder or prostate disease.

Question 3: If a man cannot function sexually, is that a form of aging?

Answer: Sexual function or erectile function in general is controlled by several body systems working together. One must have an intact central nervous system to identify and coordinate the response, at the brain or spinal level. One must have normal male hormones that provide libido and testicle and penile development. Ones blood supply to the penis and erectile bodies must be intact as well. All of these systems have to be functioning at the appropriate time for success. In some cases, age can affect function, but so can diseases of the brain, nerves, hormones, and vascular and penile issues as well as system diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and heart disease.
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