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Hockey Is Better In HD

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Panthers Vice President of Broadcasting & Panthers Alumni as well as radio play-by-play man Randy Moller discusses the improvements in watching the game of hockey, especially thanks to the advances in High Definition.

I wrote an article last year explaining the way we, the fans, view the NHL on our televisions, how it has dramatically changed over the last few years, and for the better.
Improved camera and audio locations, high tech mobile broadcasting trucks, and state of the art graphics, stats, and instantaneous replay devices, all play a part. But, the clarity of high definition (HD) broadcasts has launched the “coolest game on ice” into a stratosphere that the sport has never experienced.
Almost all of the Panthers games on Fox Sports Florida have been aired in HD this season. Last year, there were 43 games in HD. How important is this? Well, the average sports consumer expects all their TV sports fixes to be in the highest quality. PGA Tour, NFL, NBA, MLB, and most network college sports all utilize the HD platform. I believe the game of hockey has benefited the most.
Most old broadcasting unit mobile trucks are being replaced by newer tech-savvy HD units. Fox Sports and locally, FS Florida, are leaders in the cutting edge of this technology. Comparably, most personal/family vehicles sold nowadays are equipped with satellite radio and GPS systems. Technology has its advantages. Research has discovered that because the picture on the television is greatly improved, the viewer doesn’t have to sit/stand the average six to eight feet away. Next time you frequent your local sports bar, check out their new HD LCD 50-inch flat screens. You don’t have to squint your eyes, leaning over the bar, at the old 20-inch consul units next to the premium vodka shelf, to see who made the “big play”.
Average sports fans now have an enhanced appreciation for the fast paced NHL and the ability to follow the puck from player to player and goalie saves. National and international NHL hockey TV ratings are on the rise. The sport proudly owns some of the most fascinating and talented athletes like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk and Steve Stamkos among others. Their magical moves with the puck can only be appreciated by the advancement of HD on the TV screen. Following the puck during a typical NHL game is what the sport is all about. Fox Sports Florida and HD picture quality provide that.
Enjoy the games!

"Red Deer" Randy Moller

Standard Definition View during the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy (Photo courtesy

High-Definition View during the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy (Photo courtesy
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