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#FLubnotes: Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

by "Hockey Pat" McGrath / Florida Panthers

In honor of the impending arrival of Valentine’s Day we here at decided it would be nice to come up with some Panthers related Valentines to be disseminated over Twitter. These Valentines had to be in the spirit of the holiday but at the same time relatively PG because; you know….it’s for the kids.

After a 24-hour marathon brainstorming session, our Panthers creative team managed to find our collective sweet spot. The result was our Panthers #FLovenotes, a series of fun, Panthers-themed Valentines that we felt were safe to unleash on the masses of the Twitter-verse. You can check-out these #Flovenotes by following the Florida Panthers official Twitter account: @FlaPanthers or downloading at the link below.

Download Your #FLovenotes Here

In the midst of all the screaming, scratching, cursing and dropkicking that went into these sugary-sweet hockey-tines we came up with a lot of ideas that did not make the cut. There were a number of reasons why a Valentine was not up to #FLovenotes standards; maybe the joke fell flat, maybe they were too suggestive for the young’ns, or maybe they just sucked. Rather than let all of our hard work go to waste, we decided to release these failed valentines to the world.

So without further ado, here are the Valentines that did not make the cut, or as we liked to call them….the #FLubnotes

My Barch is worse than my bite.

I think you are Bju-tiful

Do the Math-i-is in love with you!

I’m Shore you are the one!

Huby-duby-dooooo you want to go on a date?

So far so good. Not a bad usage of Panthers player puns, a little lame but pretty PG…

I Like Boys Who Like Boyes

Who doesn’t?

This Valentine’s Day…show me the Guddys!

Okay, this just took a turn for the worse.

When I saw you I was struck by Cupid’s slap-shot.

You see! Now that one is sweet and in the spirit of the holiday.

Will you BB&T my Valentine?


I think we should SSE other people

Maybe a bit counter-productive now that we think about it….

And last but not least, let’s not forget the Panthers coaches that make this team run…….

I’m Madd-en love with you!

That one’s as silky as the Selke-winner for which it’s named.

You look good when you back that Tallas up

Always invoke a goalie to help achieve your romantic goals.

Honk if you’re Horachek!

We’re clearly getting close to the end here. If you’re still reading this and caught that one, our apologies.

And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for, a Valentine’s Day card playing off the name of Florida Panthers Assistant Coach Brian Skrudland….

Ohhh, but we’re out of time!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Keep in mind that we are not responsible for any slapping or bodily injuries you may incur when using these #Flubnotes and share any you come up with on your own with us via Twitter!

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