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Fans Asked. Laus Answered.

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Panthers defenseman Paul Laus

Welcome to a wrapup of a special feature on

We got a head start on the unveiling of our new Den of Honor on March 20th and 21st (ORDER TICKETS) as Panthers great Paul Laus answered fans questions as he reminisces on the Panthers olden days.

Laus, who owns the franchise record for penalty minutes with 1,702 while adding 72 points (14 goals, 58 assists) in 530 career games (fifth most in franchise history) as a Panther answered fans questions from around the world.

After you retired from the NHL, what did you do?

Nancy Giordani - North Miami Beach, FL

Laus -
"I spent a lot of time with my kids. I did what ever they wanted; tea parties, dress up, and even let them put make-up on me. When I first got hurt my son was under a month old .

"Now I work at our family business and coach my son's travel hockey team."

Do you still follow the Panthers as a hard-core fan instead of a player?

Albin Ydmark - Stockholm, Sweden

Laus -
"I do check out where they are in the standings throughout the year in the paper and on the highlights on TSN or ESPN."

If you could play one more game with the Cats, which player in the current league would you like to drop the gloves with? Thanks for being a Panther, I left the Miami Arena happier because of your hard work.

Chuck Walls - Sunrise, FL

Laus -
"That's easy. Shawn Avery has no respect for opponents and the game so it would be him. Thanks for that. I played every shift like it was my last shift."

Paul, What was you most memorable fight? And what was your most memorable hockey moment that did not involve the removal of the other guy's teeth?

CatFan927 - Panthernation, FL

Laus -
"I would have to say against Ken Belanger at Miami Arena. And going to the Stanley Cup Finals is the most memorable."

Was playing in the NHL as fun as it looks?

Adam D'Asaro - Escondido, CA

Laus -
"It is as fun as it looks. I played in the minors for three years when I was 20-22, so when you travel by bus everywhere you appreciate the NHL that much more."

What do you think your best goal was in your whole career?

Andrew Adkins - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Laus -
"Well that's a tough one since I have not scored too many goals in my career. If I had to choose one it was my first at the old Boston Garden. They tore that building down not long after I scored there. Coincidence?"

What did it mean to you for you to play on the Panthers? Do you like South Florida? Who is your favorite player on the Panthers right now?

Nicholas Hurtado - Miami, FL

Laus -
"It was a great honor to wear the Panther jersey. I loved my time in Florida. The fans are the best around there. 

"I'll go with Steven Weiss and Radek Dvorak. They are two of the guys left that I played with and were both very young guys back then."

Paul, when you used to get in fights as a Panther I noticed that after most fights you would smile on your way to the penalty box. What were you thinking about when you smiling?

Julie Baniqued - Coral Springs, FL

Laus -
"I guess I would go to a weird place, my happy place. I'm not sure why I would smile. Maybe my psychiatrist could answer that question."

If you could relive one experience you had as a Florida Panther what would it be and why?

Casey Bickford - Sterling, VA

Laus -
"Thats easy. To play in the finals....but this time win."

Paul, I just wanted to say that you are my hero and all time favorite hockey player. Is there any chance that you will be involved in the Florida Panthers organization ever again (whether it be some sort of coaching, administrative type position or whatever)? I know the fans would dig it!!

Chris Dabbs - San Diego, CA

- "Thanks for that. I would love to get involved. The Panthers organization in the past has been great to my family and the new owners have really made a impact making the team better."
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