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Dancers Dialogue: Wrapping Up The Season

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
A new feature for, the Panthers Ice Dancers will be posting their thoughts throughout the year in their blog Dancers Dialogue. A different girl will fill everyone in on what's going on with the hottest dance team on the Ice.

Hello again Panthers Fans. It’s me, Lola, back again for my third season to give you a sneak peak into what it’s really like being a Panthers Ice Dancer. 

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into making our on-ice performances seem effortless? Well, I’m here to tell you it takes a lot of practice, practice, practice! Every year we work hard to make the last dance of the season memorable for all of the fans and this year was no exception. We even added extra elements including leaps, turns, and a moving kick line that rotated 180 degrees…on ICE!

In preparation for this year’s final performance we practiced Tuesday through Friday, sometimes not leaving the arena until 11:00pm! Practicing on ice can at times be very difficult and believe me, there are times when we fall… and fall hard! One of the questions I hear most often from the fans is “How do you girls dance on the ice without falling?” Well, first of all we do fall (but ONLY during practice). The reason we are able to dance on the ice is because we wear special footwear enhanced with an extra thick rubber sole to prevent slipping on the ice. Before going onto the ice we disguise our footwear with white boot covers. (Trust me, the ice shoes are not pretty - We have to cover them.)

Although practice in itself is completely exhausting, you have to remember that for most of us, being a Panthers Ice Dancer is not our only occupation. After a long night of practice I still have to wake up at 6:30am to work my day job as a teacher for students with special needs. We are all willing to work hard for you, the fans, and we do whatever it takes to make sure our performances are as close to perfection as they can be. 

The last dance of the season is always full of surprises. No one knows this quite as well as I do. If you remember, last season is when I got the BIGGEST surprise of my entire life when my fiancé strolled out onto the ice after our last dance to ask for my hand in marriage.  As I danced on the ice this year I couldn’t help but think about all the special memories and life changing moments I have experienced while being apart of the Panthers Organization. In a few months I will be getting married and my life will change forever. I am so fortunate that I have been able to share so many special moments with you, the fans. Hope you all enjoyed watching us perform this season because I know that I enjoyed performing.


Cheers-ing to a memorable season!

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