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Bryan Allen Talks with South Florida Media

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Bryan Allen Talks to South Florida Media
6/13/07 Transcript

On signing a new 5 year deal
"I’m definitely not complaining.  I’m pretty happy with the situation."

On the decision to give up unrestricted free agency
"That’s kind of the most interesting part of this is that I was one year away from being an unrestricted free agent, but you know what, I’m happy to be in Florida.  I think they have the right mindset and game plan in place to have a winning team there."

On the Panthers organization
"It’s easy to criticize all of the things that have happened in the past, and there was a lot of uncertainty and lack of direction, and a lot of changes. I talked with Randy Sexton quite a bit before I left, and before I signed this, and I really believe in the direction and the goals that they have going into the future of this organization."

A year ago you’re a Canuck but now you have a new deal in Florida…
"Obviously when you get drafted into an organization for five or six years you begin to think you’ll be there the rest of your career, but changes happen and we move on, and I think it’s good for the better."

Did playing with Bouwmeester weigh into your decision?
"I think it definitely helped.  Playing with “Bo” was great, and I think that as time went on and we developed together it only got better.  It definitely helped quite a bit because I’ll have the opportunity to play with “Bo” again and if I get the opportunity to have more time with him I think things will only get better."

Comfort level now that the deal is done early…
"It’s definitely good.  I think it doesn’t really matter too much, but it kind of hides the process of what was taking place.  It might have happened a little quicker than I would’ve thought, but I’m happy to get it out of the way and focus on my future."

On when he felt comfortable with his new team this past season…
"It probably wasn’t until the New Year that things really got settled and really felt comfortable."

Did it take awhile to fit in?
"Yeah, it was really the first time that I’ve ever. You know you go into a team and you get called up into a situation where you are, so it’s the first time where I was thrown into a totally new situation, living in a different area, even playing in a different conference, and I think it was a lot all at once.  I think I felt pretty comfortable at the start, but things started to catch up to me, and it was a lot, but I think it really transpired and worked well into the end."

On now trying to sign Bouwmeester to a long term deal…
"Yeah, I think that it should definitely be a focus because you don’t want to lose a player of “Bo’s” caliber.  You know, me being selfish too, I wouldn’t want to have to lose him as a partner."
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