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Bomber's Blog: A Fan Again

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Former Panthers forward and current radio analyst Bill Lindsay will be blogging on on anything that crosses his mind.

Lindsay who spent seven seasons (1993-2002) with the Cats and played in 506 games and collected 165 points is now a radio analyst on 790 The Ticket.

Lindsay will always be remembered in Cats history for his series-clinching goal in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference First Round against the Boston Bruins in the '96 playoffs.

Bomber's Blog Archive

Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Its up and down, full of extreme rushes with brief pauses to catch your breath, and at the end you feel like you have been battered emotionally and physically. This is what the Panther season has felt like to me as we hit the final week. I find it much more difficult watching and calling the games than when I was an actual player. At least as a player I felt somewhat in control of  the outcome. I now understand what fans feel as they root for their team. It can be very consuming.

I had four favorite teams growing up, one in each of the major sports. I liked the Minnesota North Stars in hockey. They were my favorite because my parents and I were skiing in Colorado and got lost on the way back to our hotel. We drove by the rink in Denver where the Colorado Rockies were playing the North Stars, and since we were lost my Dad decided we should go see the game. It was my first NHL game and Minnesota won, I prounounced them my team immediately after the game. In football it was the Raiders. My dad was to Oakland on a business trip and brought me back a  Raider helmet and I was hooked. Kenny Stabler, Dave Casper. Lester (stickum) Hayes, Cliff Branch, and John Madden soon became obsessions. I became a deeply devoted Raideer fan. Atlanta was my baseball team because we had a Sattelite dish and were able to get TBS. The Braves were on my TV and I started watching, I should have never done that. They caused me a lot of anguish as they were awful for a lot of years. Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Glen Hubbard, these guys cost me a lot of valuable time I could have spent doing homework. Ok I wouldn't have done homework, but I am sure I could of done something more productive. I did not have a favorite basketball team until I got into my teenage years. This is when Michael Jordan arrived. I liked the Bulls because, and only becuase of Jordan. How much fun was it to watch Michael play basketball? For me it was hours of pure joy.

As you might be able to tell I was a huge spots fan growing up, and because I did not live in a major city that had sports teams, I was free to choose my allegiances. As I got older I lost all my devotions to the teams above. I think  I just grew out of it. I guess if I was from Boston, Miami, or some other big town I would of been a lifelong fan for my hometown team. I now find myself rooting for individuals. I like certain players on certain teams for a vast majority of reasons and I tend to pull for those teams. That was at least the case until I came back to work for the Panthers as a broadcaster.

I am now a fan again of a team, and all the experiences I had as a kid are coming flooding back. It has been exhilerating for a number of different reasons. I loved being a Florida Panther when I played, and a chance to come back and work with an organization that I had such strong feeling towards has been incredible. I remember when I was a kid when my teams lost it was heartbreaking and when they won I was on cloud nine. I did not feel the emotions the same way when I was playing because I was in control. Playing is the ultimate, but as pro athlete you're always taught not to get too high or too low. As a fan you are at the mercy of the players and it comes along with all kinds of different emotions. Like being on a roller coaster.

It has been a great season, and I am looking forward to the final week of the regular season. This team has made some tremendous strides,and hopefully they have a great week and make the playoffs. I am a broadcaster for the team, but I can't escape it. I am once again a fan.

I feel like a kid again. I love it.
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