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[Bjugy's Blog] No time to panic, upgrading my wardrobe

by Jameson Olive / Florida Panthers

We were tested on our three-game road trip. It was a tough trip against some top-notch teams on the West Coast, but we have to take some positives from that and learn from it. We had a close one in Anaheim. That was a crazy one to be a part of and they scored with only a few seconds left.

We’ve just got to bounce back from a tough trip. All teams go through it and it’s just how you respond to it. I think we’re up to the challenge. The guys are going to have a chip on their shoulder these next few games at home. I think it’s important to win at home, especially after what we just went through. We’ve got to look at the positives and learn from our mistakes.

We’re not panicking in this locker room. We’re not too frustrated. We’re just trying to stay positive and stay with it. We know what we’ve got and we know what we’re capable of. We’re just trying to find a way to get back into our groove – that’s the main thing right now. We can’t panic too much.

We have a lot of home games coming up here in November and we really want to win in front of our fans. That’s something we emphasize and it’s important after losing five straight. You can’t go on spurts like that, and if you do, you have to put some even better spurts together. We’re looking forward to the challenge here at home and getting some big wins.

Off the ice, life is good. The West Coast is always nice. It’s a different type of climate and little cooler over there. I’m still waiting for it to get a bit colder in Florida. I don’t even like to fish right now because it’s so hot.

One day during the trip we had to kill some time so we went to a mall across the street from our hotel and I did some necessary shopping for myself. I had to get a new suitcase and a few new shirts. My wardrobe really hasn’t been upgraded in a while and I was sick of hearing from some of the guys for wearing the same shirt over and over so I’ve mixed in a few new shirts.

When you’re on the road you sometimes get the opportunity to do stuff like that because shopping certainly wouldn’t be my first choice at home. The downtime on the road is nice for getting stuff like that done when you need to.


My current TV show: I just finished the third season of Sons of Anarchy. I don’t really watch much TV, but I’m really into that show right now. It’s a crazy show. There are a lot of deaths involved, which is funny because I’m usually more into comedies.

My last goal: It was a good defensive play that started in the D-zone. Guddy moved the puck over to Mitchey, and then Mitchey hit Huby on the wall. Huby out willed his opponent, I forgot who it was, and won the battle. That’s a hard play to make and Los Angeles was tough along the walls that whole game. Huby made a good play and I just happened to be there. I think their defense kind of overplayed Jagr, which is a benefit of playing with him. I think teams know what he’s capable of and I had some room because of that. I just shot the puck and luckily it went it. We didn’t do enough of that, but it was a good team play, especially Huby along the wall.

My favorite Twitter accounts: I follow Nick Swardson (@NickSwardson). He’s a Minnesota boy and a comedian. I think he’s hysterical. Obviously, I also follow Roberto Luongo (@strombone1). He’s more about quality than quantity, which I think is effective. I think sometimes tweets can get watered down, but when he comes out with something it’s usually something good. Louie is probably my favorite hockey player to follow on Twitter. Honestly, I just like seeing videos and Vines. There’s some crazy stuff out there that we all kind of laugh about when we see it.

I can’t be the guy to tell you to leave Minnesota because I love Minnesota. I can tell you, though, that I never thought I’d want to live anywhere else other than Minnesota, but I LOVE Florida right now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Florida is awesome and it makes you forget how rigorous those winters can be in Minnesota. It’s sometimes a long winter, but it makes me appreciate the summer. It depends on what you want. If you want the warmth year round then stay in Florida, but I’ve got to represent Minnesota. In the end, though, I love Florida and Minnesota. Honestly, pick your poison.

He’s actually really funny. He chirps guys in a really funny way and obviously you have to respect what he says so you can’t really give it back to him. He’s got some good one-liners and he’s always smiling. He lightens the mood when it needs to be lightened. You probably see him on the bench looking pretty serious, but he can turn that off and is a fun teammate to be around.

No, it’s not at all! I don’t even know how people can say that. There are so many other things you can look at and say, “Is this a sandwich?” but this isn’t one of them. A hotdog is NOT a sandwich.

Jameson Olive (@JamesonCoop) contributed to this post.

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