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Bjugy's Blog - Feb. 17

by Nick Bjugstad / Florida Panthers
It was a tough weekend, especially being at home.

We didn’t give the fans much to cheer about during those losses to St. Louis and Nashville. We weren’t playing the way that we wanted to and had some hiccups that really cost us. I think we just didn’t have the energy or something, which brought us down a little bit. Luckily, we were able to get back on track with a big overtime win over the Penguins on Monday night.

Still, losing two games like that definitely makes you re-evaluate what’s going on because you don’t want to slide too much in this league. The fact is that other teams will always have a chance to catch you at a certain point even if you’re only losing a few games at a time.

I think those two losses really opened our eyes and made us realize that, even when things are going really well, we can’t get too excited. “You can’t get too high or too low,” that’s the expression a lot of us use. We’ve got to be mentally prepared for every game regardless of what team we are playing. Obviously, St. Louis and Nashville are two really talented teams, but I don’t think we came out ready or mentally prepared for either of them.

In the end, I think it was a good learning experience that will help us down the stretch. It also made our win against Pittsburgh feel that much bigger. The boys were excited that we got the two points and it was a good bounce-back game for us. We’re home for the next three games and hopefully we can string some wins together again.

As for myself, I wasn’t really playing the way I wanted to as far as what I was doing defensively and offensively. There were some games where I wasn’t really finding it, but it’s coming. I think I’ve just got to continue to play more of a power-forward style and make myself hard to play against. If I do that, I think things will work themselves out.

I think every player goes through a slump at some point. It’s only my third year and I’ve already been through a few. You try not to think about it too much, but sometimes it just comes down to tweaking something a little or hoping for some puck luck. I don’t think my goal against Pittsburgh was puck luck, though. I think it was just about finding the style of game that’s made me successful and that I’m used to playing. I have to work hard to make sure that I keep doing that. Hopefully my confidence keeps rolling here.

Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately, I have no tips for the guys out there. I’m not the best date on Valentine’s Day. This time around, my girlfriend Jackie’s sister and brother-in-law were in town for the weekend so we just decided to hang out at the beach for a bit and then grab some dinner at Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale. As you can see, it wasn’t really anything crazy. I got her some flowers and she got me a card. I’ve always believed that it’s a Hallmark holiday and kind of overrated by my terms. I also think that guys always come up kind of empty handed on Valentine’s Day. Not that I want anything, but it’s definitely marketed more towards girls. Still, it’s something everyone’s got to do it if they have a significant other and I had a lot of fun spending time with my girlfriend’s family.


My Fast Food of Choice

Chipotle, no question. I don’t eat any fast food other than Chipotle. That being said, there’s also a place called Substantial Subs over in Weston that I want to give a shoutout to. Petrovic, Howden and I go there quite a bit. They have the best subs in town (I’m trying to get some free subs here). I’m a big fan of their honey mustard and chicken sub, loaded up with peppers. It’s definitely my favorite sub spot to go to in South Florida.

My Workout Playlist

I usually go with Young Jeezy. I heard one of the songs off Kanye’s new album last night and it’s pretty good, but I prefer his older stuff. His new stuff is kind of out there, but he comes out with some good stuff every once in a while. I’d also throw Kevin Gates in there. I listen to him a lot and his music always gets me pumped up.

I’d also like to take this time to point out that I’m actually a little upset. There was a Q&A on the jumbotron recently where the guys had to pick who on the team is most likely to have Justin Bieber on their playlist and TWO people picked me! I was very offended by that. That’s definitely more of Troch and Ekblad thing.

Twitter Questions

I’ve been really interested in the O.J. Simpson case lately, so I watched that ESPN “30 for 30” documentary, June 17th, 1994, on all the events that were going on during the whole day of his car chase. It was Arnie Palmer’s last US Open, the NBA Finals were on, and it just kind of connected all of those sporting events while showing what a big deal the O.J. thing was. I’m also watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson on FX right now. It’s pretty intriguing because I didn’t really know much about it other than the basics of the story. Looking back, the whole ordeal had so much crazy stuff going on that I can’t even comprehend it. So yeah, I’m kind of on an O.J. binge.

I think it gets easier as your career goes on. You’ve gotta be confident in what your move is going to be and know what your move is going to be usually. I think the pressure kind of goes away once you’ve gone a few times. You still get a little nervous, but it’s more fun than anything to be able to try and keep your team in it. If you miss, though, it’s kind of depressing.

Jameson Olive contributed to this post

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