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Barkov's Mailbag: Selanne, Shootouts & Memes

by Jameson Olive / @JamesonCoop /

Throughout the entire 2017-18 season, Florida Panthers star center Aleksander "Sasha" Barkov will be answering all of your questions about life on and off the ice in his monthly mailbag for

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@AndrewLevine5: What's your pre-game ritual?

BARKOV: There's a lot. For example, when I get to the arena I need to tape my sticks, drink my coffee, check my skates, stretch out, then warm up. After that, I'm ready to go. I drink black coffee with milk or coconut milk.

@ShizzWSOP: Which current NHL-er's skills do you admire the most?

BARKOV: Right now, probably Auston Matthews. I don't think I've played against any better player than him. He is so good. It was tough to stay with him [on Wednesday]. It's tough to believe how good he's going to be later. He impressed me a lot yesterday. I knew before he was that good, but I didn't know he was THAT good. It's nice to play against good players and learn from them.

@BradleyFrancis_: Why do you prefer to go backhand in shootouts?

BARKOV: I don't know. It just seems to work. 

Video: TOR@FLA: Barkov nets pretty one-handed goal in SO

@McCannYouNot90: Who has the best Movemeber mustache?

BARKOV: Probably Troch or Huby.

@MisterBauer3: Trocheck always speaks highly of you and your skill. What are your thoughts on Trocheck?

BARKOV: The same thing. He talks about me and I really appreciate that. In my opinion, he's the same way. He's one of the best centermen in this league. He plays defense, offense. He's great at anything he does. He's really good at faceoffs, power play, penalty kill. He's just a really important player to the team and a really good guy. I think he's really underrated in this league. I would say he deserves a lot more than he has right now. We learn from each other and we have a lot of fun. I got lucky to be with him on the same team.

@Panther_Robin: Do you speak Swedish?

BARKOV: A couple words. We had to learn Swedish in school, but I have to be honest, I forgot a lot.

@fakejedega: My son Jackson wants to know if you've ever driven a Zamboni?

BARKOV: Never, but I want to. I need to ask somebody.

@Jeffroko8: How did you end up choosing 16 as your number?

BARKOV: My dad was 16 when he played in Finland. I started as 16 and I've been using it all my life.

@Mikkony: What's your favorite movie?

BARKOV: Fast & Furious - the whole series. Every time a new one comes out, I'm the first one there to watch them.

@Banez_86: How big of an influence did Jaromir Jagr have on you?

BARKOV: He taught me a lot of things on the ice, off the ice, everywhere. He taught me how to be a professional and what to do at the gym and on the ice, basically how to live life as a hockey player.

@puckjeff: Do you like the new Panthers goal song?

BARKOV: I think it's awesome. I love it. It's probably the best one we've ever had here. I don't mind scoring a lot of goals and then listening to that song. 

Watch: Youtube Video

@willipr527: What's your relationship like with Teemu Selanne?

BARKOV: It's nice. He's just like Jagr. He's one of the best players to ever play the game, especially from Finland. It's always nice to have those guys from your country to watch them play. When I got to play with him in the Olympics, I will never forget that. It was special to be a small part of his ceremony in Anaheim last week. Him and Paul Kariya, they deserve everything they had. Congrats to them.

Video: Teemu Selanne speaks on Aleksander Barkov

@Dragons_Quest: What does it mean to have kids now saying you are their hockey idol?

BARKOV: It's a little strange. I still feel like that small hockey kid who's just living the dream here, but you never know. If I have a good career anything can happen. I just hope to play as good as I can and I'm really happy if someone like it. If I'm 47 and end up playing in this league with one of those kids someday, that would be awesome.

@rileypie31: If you weren't playing hockey, what would you be doing?

BARKOV: I would play tennis. If I couldn't play tennis, I would sell cars. I'd probably start with small ones and then work up to selling Ferraris.

@parallelcircle: What's your favorite internet meme?

BARKOV: It's not my favorite, but I like that Yao Ming one. It's funny. 


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