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  • A non-refundable Annual Administration Fee of $75 per account is due upon joining the Season Seat Registry and is not applied against future purchases.
  • A one-time refundable deposit of $210 per account is required to join the Season Seat Registry. The deposit will be applied towards your future purchase of Season Seats, or refunded upon cancellation of your Registry membership.
  • If you do not purchase Season Seats for the 2019-20 season, you will receive an option in August 2019 to remain on the Registry for future seasons. Please note that the Annual Administration Fee and deposit will apply.
  • When Season Seats in Rogers Place become available to purchase, you will be given a specific date and time to make your online seat selection. You may decline seats if the selection does not meet your criteria and still retain your priority rank on the list.
  • Your position on the Season Seat Registry is non-transferable, other than within your immediate family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to fan support throughout Oil Country, Oilers Season Seats remain in high demand. The Oilers Season Seat Registry was created to provide an organized and fair process for fans to have access to Oilers Season Seats at Rogers Place should they become available.

Please click on the link here. An initial $210 Registration Fee will be charged per account and applied to any future Season Seat purchases (not applicable to existing Oilers Season Seat Holders). Additionally, a $75 Administration Fee will be charged per account annually.

You do not need to decide upon the number of seats you wish to purchase at this time. This decision may be made once given the opportunity to purchase seats. However, the current maximum number of seats permitted to each Season Seat Registry account is four seats.

A $210 one-time deposit is charged upon initial registration to join the list. This fee is applied to your Season Seats when you exercise your opportunity to purchase. The deposit is refundable at any time. The deposit is waived for existing Season Seat Holders wishing to purchase additional seats.

A $75 Administration Fee is assessed annually on active accounts to ensure continued interest and to provide customer service to Season Seat Registry members.

The fees are required to confirm the interest that members have in purchasing Season Seats at Rogers Place. The deposit also acts as an initial installment towards the Season Seats.

The number of Season Seats that become available to Season Seat Registry members annually will of course depend upon the rate at which current Oilers Season Seat Holders renew, as well as the number of Season Seat Registry members who purchase ahead of you. Although we cannot tell you how long it will take to receive access to seats, we can keep you informed of your progress through the Season Seat Registry.

You can remove your name from the Season Seat Registry at any time and receive a full refund on your deposit. All Annual Administration Fees are non-refundable.

Your position on the Season Seat Registry can only be transferred to members of your immediate family.

You may decline the seats offered and retain your priority ranking on the Season Seat Registry. However, please know specific seat locations may not become available through the Season Seat Registry process and are often only achieved once you become a Season Seat Holder through our annual seat relocation process.

A person/company/account is permitted one (1) Registry spot at a time. Once you are successful in purchasing Season Seats, you can sign up for the Registry again and rejoin the list.

Anyone found attempting to circumvent this limit will have their Registry positions cancelled without notice.