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Trade deadline & a trip to the minors

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
After last week's recap of my exciting trip to Inuvik, I'm afraid this week's blog will be decidedly less exciting. In fact, I'm not really sure what to write about. But if my success as a student and my climb to NHL is any indication, this lack of substance won't keep me from writing a few dozen paragraphs.


As you are probably aware, it's Trade Deadline Day. This morning, eight Grade 3 students from the Oilers ICE School came by the office for a tour and an interview, and I spent a few minutes bragging that if a deal goes down, I will be one of the first few people to hear about it.

My logic was this: The deal is done, a press release is written, and it is then emailed to about five people, one of whom is me. Then I (or Marc) post the release on the website and distribute it to Oilers Pipeline and all of our media contacts.

But now that I've watched a few hours of trade coverage and mulled it over a bit more, I realize that I'd probably be one of 50 or 60 people to hear about it first. You've got the GMs (of course), coaches, legal people, agents, the players involved (ideally), and then as the grapevine spreads, who knows who else might find out.

At this point (11am MST), nothing has happened yet. I haven't decided if I want something to happen or if I don't want something to happen. It would be tough to say goodbye to a player that I've gotten to know this season, but it would be exciting to welcome someone new to the team and ask him all sorts of tough questions, like “What's your favourite breakfast cereal?” and “Wash the dishes or dry the dishes?”


Anyway, that's what I think about that. Other thoughts that are occupying my mind involve my trip to Winnipeg this weekend. I know you are very jealous, but your jealousy is about to reach a new, vibrant shade of green: Not only do I get to work Saturday night's game from the comfort of my parent's living room (leather couch, fireplace, and all the free food I can handle), but on Friday night I get to watch the Manitoba Moose host the Providence Bruins.

This is thrilling for me for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will give me a chance to visit with Moose staff and the local media for the first time since my departure in August. I'll do my best to hide my NHL-swagger, but no promises.

Secondly, it will mark only the second time in my life that I've enjoyed a Moose game as a fan. I will feel strange to watch a game without a laptop in front of me, but I'm sure I'll get over it rather quickly.

Thirdly, I'll finally get to provide an informed comparison on --

** Trade Deadline Update: 11:10am – Steve Taylor reports that Craig MacTavish has been called off the ice in Ottawa. Dustin Penner and Shawn Horcoff are not skating

** Trade Deadline Update: 11:11am – Steve Taylor reports that MacTavish is back on the ice, as is Penner. False alarm.

. . . Sorry. Thirdly, I'll finally get to provide an informed comparison on NHL vs. AHL hockey. Is AHL hockey really that much slower? Are there more mistakes? When I worked for the Moose, it was difficult to compare because I was immersed in all things AHL. Now, I'm curious to see if I notice things that I didn't notice previously.

** Trade Deadline Update: 11:15am – TSN's Ryan Rishaug reports that MacTavish briefly left the ice. Steve Taylor informs us that he in fact told Ryan about MacTavish's brief departure. Way to stay ahead of the pack, Steve.

I'll provide a full recap of the Moose game next week. And if something happens in the next two hours, I'll let you know how that went down as well.


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