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Tom Gilbert's Blog: Road Trips Recap

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
Just settling down here in Montreal after practice and figured I should probably give you guys a quick update since I haven't been so good about blogging the past little while.

I guess the thing that's stuck out most in my mind is the father-son road trip we went on last week. I was actually really awesome. I know my dad and I think the other dads all had a great time. My dad pulled out his best two Oilers zip jackets and wore those for the whole trip. I don't know if it's since he became a dad or since he's become a bit older but he's got a fondness for zip jackets that I find interesting. He's got one for the college I went to, the college my brothers went to, and of course the Oilers.

But that trip was a lot of fun, especially getting a win in Anaheim and having our dads there to see that. Our golf trip the next day was fun too. It was a nice experience for them to see what we do behind the scenes, have a pre-game meal with us and that kind of stuff. I'm sure my mom has a different opinion because she was probably jealous that she didn't get to go but we can do some mother-son bonding in the summer.

After that it was American Thanksgiving. Our game was the only one on Thanksgiving, but we got a win out of it so I guess I can't complain too much.

I guess I totally skipped over the big trip of the past little while, where we hit New York and Carolina and stuff. I wish we had more time in New York just because there's so much to do there. I noticed that Jason and all the trainers went to a play but I can't remember which one. Struddy was singing all the next day too. It was borderline embarrassing.

I want to close by pointing out that James Vandermeer had a really nice one-timer goal the other night. He saved the puck and wanted me to sign it. I said that wasn't really the right way to do it but it's his special puck so I guess he can do whatever he wants with it.

He begged me to include that in here, so there you go Jim.

Author: Tom Gilbert

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