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The Web War

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
A seven-game road trip is long by any standards. It feels like ages since I've been to Rexall Place and even longer since I could enjoy the rink without being overwhelmed by the pungent scent of Eau de Rodeo.

When the team is on the road, I sometimes forget about the incredible passion and power of Oil Country. 16,839 screaming fans do a good job of energizing the hockey club and all of its staff (including me) during home games, but what happens to that passion when the team hits the road? It goes without saying that many of you spend your game nights watching the road games with friends and family, but what about during the day?


Well, according to the NHL, many of you are spending your days (and nights) on, and for this we are thankful. finished seventh among all NHL websites in unique visitors and fifth in page views in October – two accomplishments we should all be proud of. And thanks to months of planning, shooting, and editing put in by Steve Taylor, Crystal Leriger, and Marc, Oilers On Demand finished first among all NHL teams in the number of website viewers checking out our video player, first in video starts, and first in video completes.

These website stats speak wonders of our fans and what you're enjoying on the site, and with a little hard work and extra visitors, we'll make Oil Country the envy of every NHL Webmaster (especially the Canucks. The dot-com Battle of Alberta is alive and well, but our rivalry with the Canucks Digital Media Department is epic.)


Hockey fans are a competitive bunch, so tell your friends to visit! Remember that procrastination makes it happen, so put off that important project to surf the site! Make some popcorn and commit to a marathon session of The Link! Continue to attend the home games and watch the road games on TV or PPV (of course), but I encourage you to spend every other waking hour on this website.

Thank you for your cooperation. We will celebrate our November domination in my pre-holiday blog.
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