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Team White defeats Team Orange 22-20 at the 2011 Edmonton Oilers Skills Competition powered by Reebok

by Karmela Arocena / Edmonton Oilers
The 2011 Edmonton Oilers Skills Competition powered by Reebok ended on another high note.  Thousands of fans came to Rexall Place Saturday afternoon to take in the festivities, while even more watched the event online at  The event featured seven events: the Puck Control Relay, Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot, Shooting Accuracy, Power Play Competition, 3-on-3 challenge, and the King of the Shootout competition.  Team White were the winners over Team Orange this night, securing a 22-20 victory.

Team Orange:
Devan Dubnyk, Kurtis Foster, Tom Gilbert, Jeff Petry, Zack Stortini, Shawn Horcoff, Taylor Hall, Steve MacIntyre, Colin Fraser, Liam Reddox, Magnus Paajarvi

Team White:
Frederic Chabot, Theo Peckham, Jason Strudwick, Taylor Chorney, Jim Vandermeer, Dustin Penner, J-F Jacques, Ryan Jones, Linus Omark, Andrew Cogliano, Sam Gagner

Skills Competition Recap:

Puck Control Relay - Team
Team Orange: Tom Gilbert, Liam Reddox, Magnus Paajarvi
Team White: Taylor Chorney, Linus Omark, Sam Gagner
  • The Pee-Wees were up first, and while it was close for most of the race, a fumble for the Orange team near the end of the course allowed White was able to secure the win.
  • It started off close with defencemen Gilbert and Chorney to start, but towards the end Chorney was able to pull ahead for Team White. Omark was able to keep the lead against Reddox.  It seemed Paajarvi was able to catch up for Team Orange, but Gagner still was able to beat him for Team White.
  • SCORE: Orange 0 - White 2

Puck Control Relay - One-on-One

Team Orange: Colin Fraser
Team White: Ryan Jones
  • A tight race between Fraser and Jones occured in the one-on-one, but Jones was able to beat out Fraser by a split second.
  • SCORE: Orange 0 - White 4

Fastest Skater
Team Orange: Magnus Paajarvi, Liam Reddox, Taylor Hall
Team White: Taylor Chorney, Andrew Cogliano, Linus Omark
  • The Pee-Wees started off the fastest skater competition with another win for Team White
  • Paajarvi timed in at 14.74 seconds for Team Orange, but Chorney beat him out at 13.94 seconds for Team White. Next up for Team Orange was Reddox who came in at at 14.08 seconds. Cogliano slipped at the second turn, and thus clocked in at 15.85 seconds. In the final round, Hall managed 14.11 seconds for Team Orange while Omark skated in at 14.27 seconds. 
  • With Chorney's fastest individual time, he secured a point for Team White.  The average team time went to Team Orange though.
  • SCORE: Orange 1 - White 5

Hardest Shot
Team Orange: Jeff Petry, Steve MacIntyre, Taylor Hall, Kurtis Foster
Team White: Dustin Penner, J-F Jacques, Theo Peckham, Jim Vandermeer
  • Team Orange's Pee-Wee hardest shot clocked in at 60 MPH, but Team White's Pee-Wee was able to get to 68.6 MPH.
  • Fresh off scoring his first NHL goal, Petry clocked in at 96.9 MPH for Team Orange.  Dustin Penner was able to break triple digits though, with his 100.1 MPH slapper for Team White.  MacIntyre quickly beat that though, with a 100.7 MPH shot for Team Orange.  Jacques was up next for Team White, clocking in at 92.2 MPH.  Hall was up next for Team Orange and pulled off a 97 MPH shot.  Peckham came up next and pulled off a 90 MPH shot. Foster was up next for Team Orange, blasting the puck at 103.4 MPH. Vandermeer finished it off with a 93.2 MPH.
  • Foster's hardest shot earned a point for Team Orange.  They also earned a point for fastest team average, with a 99.5 MPH average.
  • SCORE: Orange 3 - White 6

Shooting Accuracy
Team Orange: Jeff Petry, Shawn Horcoff, Tom Gilbert
Team White: Dustin Penner, Jason Strudwick, Sam Gagner
  • Team Orange's Pee-Wee was able to get one target, while Team White's Pee-Wee was able to hit two.
  • Jeff Petry was able to hit all 4 targets in just 5 shots for Team Orange. Penner was 4 for 6 for Team White.  Horcoff was up next for Team Orange, matching the 4 for 5 marker made by his teammate Petry. Strudwick went 4 for 8 for Team White.  Defenceman Gilbert was up next for Team Orange, going a perfect 4 for 4.  Sam Gagner finished off by also going a perfect 4 for 4.
  • Gilbert and Gagner then went into a tie-breaker.  In the first round, both players were able to hit the top left target in one shot.  In the seond round, Gilbert hit the top-right target again on his first try, while Gagner just missed it, giving Gilbert the win.
  • Team Orange won both the individual and Team portions of the contest, going 17 for 20 as a team, and Gilbert going 6 for 6.
  • SCORE: Orange 5 - White 7

Power Play
Round 1

Team Orange: Shawn Horcoff, Magnus Paajarvi, Taylor Hall vs. Frederic Chabot and Theo Peckham.
Team White: Andrew Cogliano, Linus Omark, Dustin Penner vs. Devan Dubnyk and Jeff Petry
  • Peckham was able to make some great defensive plays against Team Orange. The tandem of Chabot and Peckham allowed only one goal.
  • Petry and Dubnyk were doing well despite Team White staying in close to the goalie, but Penner was able to shoot one through Dubnyk's five-hole for a goal.
  • SCORE: Orange 6 - White 8
Round 2

Team Orange: Colin Fraser, Liam Reddox, Steve MacIntyre vs. Frederic Chabot and Theo Peckham.
Team White: J-F Jacques, Ryan Jones, Taylor Hall vs. Devan Dubnyk and Jeff Petry.
  • Team Orange scored early in the second round, but a great defensive effort by Peckham towards the end saw Team Orange lose posssesion for 15 seconds.
  • Jones found the back of the net early in the second round, and Chorney was able to pot one in as well. Jacques also scored for Team White quickly after Chorney's goal.
  • SCORE: Orange 7 - White 11

King of the Shootout
Group 1

Team Orange: Kurtis Foster, Tom Gilbert, Steve MacIntyre
Team White: Taylor Chorney, Theo Peckham, Jason Strudwick

Group 2

Team Orange: Colin Fraser, Magnus Paajarvi, Zack Stortini
Team White: Ryan Jones, Jim Vandermeer, Andrew Cogliano

Group 3

Team Orange: Shawn Horcoff, Liam Reddox, Taylor Hall
Team White: Dustin Penner, Sam Gagner, Linus Omark
  • The Pee-Wees started the King of the Shootout competition.  Team Orange's first shooter tried a lacrosse move, but failed to put it in the net.  The second shooter also was stopped.  Their third player pulled an Omark, and scored with a spin-o-rama move.  Team White's first shooter was denied by a patient goalie, while their second shooter went high and wide.  Their final shot was sniped past the goalie top-shelf.
  • Gilbert used some fancy puck handling to put one past Chabot. Peckham tried to lift the puck and bat it into the cage but was unsuccesful.
  • Chabot was able to pull the puck off the goal line from a Fraser chance.  Paajarvi was able to squeak one past the goalie though, and Stortini also was able to score after powering down the ice.  Jones and Vandermeer were unsuccesful in their attempts to score, but Cogliano found the back of the net.
  • Hall blew everyone away with his chance by first lifting the puck, then doing an inbetween the legs move to score for Team Orange.  Everyone in Team White's Group 3 scored, with both Gagner and Omark scoring with spin-o-rama moves.
  • Cogliano also scored in his second attempt, where Paajarvi tried one too many fancy lacross moves when he failed to score.  Gagner, Hall, and Omark all tried to pull off highlight-reel chances, but weren't able to finish. This left Cogliano as King of the Shootout
  • SCORE: Orange 12 - White 17

3-on-3 Challenge
Team Orange vs. Team White
  • In the first 6 minute period, Gagner scored on a breakaway for Team White.  Petry scored for Team Orange where soon after Hall set up Paajarvi for a breakaway goal.  Chabot made a great save on Foster and Penner went on the breakaway and scored for Team White.  Paajarvi later scored his second of the event and Vandermeer picked off the puck and squeaked one past Dubnyk.  Reddox was later stopped on a breakaway, and Dubnyk made a blocker save while his stick was on the other end of the ice.
  • SCORE: Orange 15 - White 20
  • During the final 6 minute period, Foster scored for Team Orange and King of the Shootout winner Cogliano was stopped on a breakaway. Later a nifty drop pass led to a goal for Team Orange.  Right after a shift change, Gilbert set up foster for a goal for Team Orange, but Cogliano answered right back with his own goal. Hall later scored a goal, getting Team Orange within two. Penner threw his stick when Paajarvi was sent on a breakaway, and the Swede later scored on the penalty shot, despite a water bottle being thrown from Team White's bench.  With a minute left, Team Orange pulled Dubnyk, but Team White was able to score on the empty net.  In the final seconds, Team Orange sent their entire bench out to try and tie the game, but were unable to do so.
  • FINAL SCORE: Orange 20 - White 22

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