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TALKING POINTS: Cammalleri arrives

Quotes from Todd McLellan and Oilers players on Michael Cammalleri arriving in Edmonton

by Chris Wescott / Head Writer

EDMONTON, AB - Thursday was the first chance for Michael Cammalleri to meet with the media in person, following his trade to the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday evening. The veteran forward has familiarity with some of the players on the team, having played or trained with a few of them in the past. Here's what Cammalleri, players in the Oilers dressing room, and Head Coach Todd McLellan are saying.


On succeeding and meshing right away in an Oilers uniform:

"I think, actually, our job lends itself to doing so. Going on the ice and playing a competitive sport with your teammates is the quickest way to earn someone's trust in our environment. I think you look at other lines of work, they have these corporate retreats and things of that nature. We're like the ultimate corporate retreat. You put a bunch of guys together to go out and play a physical hockey game together. I think earning their trust out there on the ice is the best way to do so."

Video: PRE-GAME RAW | Michael Cammalleri


On what kind of player the Oilers are getting:

"He's a good leader, he's a veteran guy that has played a lot of games and scored a lot of goals. He's a threat when he's on the ice, he's got a quick release, doesn't need much time to get it off, and I think he's going to help not just on the ice but off the ice."


On his relationship with Cammalleri:

"I've worked out with him for a couple summers now. He's a great guy who will be great to have around the room and could be a really good factor on the ice too."

On adding a shooter:

"Especially with how our season has started off, he can hopefully be a big help. With that said, it's great to just have him here and it will be fun to play with him."


His thoughts on the trade:

Tweet from @EdmontonOilers: "It was surprising but we got a good player & we know what he's capable of." @AdamLarsson3 on Cammalleri joining #Oilers

"We got a really good player. I know what he's capable of doing and he has a real good shot. I had a lot of fun playing with him in New Jersey. I know one thing for sure, he's always open - if you ask him. He's a funny guy too, so he's a good guy for the locker room."


On what he thinks of Cammalleri:

Video: PRE-GAME RAW | Todd McLellan

"We have to get him the puck. When I think about the name 'Mike Cammalleri' I think of seeing him when I was in Detroit playing him when he was in LA. I see him in Calgary lowering that knee taking that one-timer and scoring. That's the vision I have. I think he's a competitive guy for his size as well."

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