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S.C.O.O.P.S. Pt. 3 - Shooting The Link

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
On previous edition of S.C.O.O.P.S (Some Cool Oilers info Pertaining to Stuff), I provided a behind-the-scenes look at the Oilers private jet and game day in the Rexall Place Press Box. In this third installment, I'm going to cover your all-time favourite (online) TV show: The Link.

Here's a rundown of Tuesday's shoot (which you can watch online here!):

The shooting schedule is planned a month ahead, and in the days leading up to the shoot, Marc and Steve finalize which segments will appear in which show and identify any important features or information our host, Crystal Leriger, should include.

Crystal Leriger prepares to shoot the opening intro for The Link on Tuesday, December 2. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MORE PHOTOS FROM BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE LINK.
9:45am: I arrive at the Bell Media Centre in Rexall Place and begin setting up the tripod, the camera, the lights, etc. Andrew Lalonde of Aquila Productions arrives at the same time to prepare graphics for the TV that stands behind Crystal during the intros and transitions.

10:00am: Crystal and Video Producer Steve Taylor arrive on set. Crystal has received the segment list a few days earlier and has also watched the features that will be included in the show.

10:05am: Crystal stands in front of the camera while gathering our suggestions on how she should approach each segment of the show. She puts on her wireless mic, and either Steve or I adjust the audio, white balance, and focus on the camera.

10:15am: Crystal completes the opening intro and transition pieces that appear between features. Just off camera to her right, Andrew sits at his computer and activates the appropriate graphics on the screen. Steve or I (whoever is operating the camera) modifies the framing for each shot to provide some variety.

Once we're happy with the segments, we remove the memory card from the camera, shut it down, turn off the lights, and take down the tripod. Andrew also creates scoreboard graphics for Oilers and Oil Kings game production, so he often hangs around after the shoot to work on that. Crystal returns home and Steve or Marc review the footage at the office (or at home) and select the best takes. They then render the files in the appropriate format and upload to the Oilers On Demand video player. Crystal's segments are woven with the corresponding features, which are produced by Steve, the NHL, or Oilers PPV.

In the early afternoon, the show appears on Oilers On Demand and we feature it as a top story on Then we all turn our focus to the following show which is set to shoot only three days later.

And that, my friends, is how we produce The Link. Click here to check out the final product!
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