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Road trip & boy's night with Joey

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
Yesterday we came home from our three game road trip and except for the loss to the Wild it went really well. My mom and older brother were in Denver and Chicago with us so it was good to spend some time with them. In Denver they went to the game with my cousin who was holding a sign that said “Don't hurt Gilbert – He's my cousin” so they had lots of TV time. My mom got lots of phone calls about that so she was pretty excited.

A bunch of us guys went to the Mall of America Saturday afternoon and we saw the new Nicholas Cage movie Knowing. It wasn't very good. Kyle said he hated it but I won't use such harsh language. Because my dad was kind of left out of the road trip I made sure to go for dinner with both my parents after the movie. That was nice.

Other than that, the only other interesting thing was our sleepover with Joey Moss last Sunday. He brought a bag to the rink with him and after practice he went back with us to our house and we all had 30 minute naps. We were all pretty tired and I don't know if he was that tired but once his head hits the pillow, he's out. He gets to sleep in the extra bedroom because he's a bit of a snorer.

Then we went out for dinner. We were going to go bowling but we didn't have time because it was Sunday and it closes earlier. We promised him that next time we could go bowling because that's one of his favorite pastimes. So after dinner we just went back to our house to watch some TV and play music. He's a big time dancer so we had a bit of a dance party and he danced us under the table. Joey is so much fun. He would be the best roommate ever because he always puts you in a good mood.

Thanks for your book suggestions but I think I'm going to start reading the Twilight books. Nicole Brodziak has them so I'll steal them from her. Tonight we're going to see I Love You Man. I hear it's pretty good so I'll give you my review next time.

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