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Q & A with Tyler Seguin

by staff / Edmonton Oilers
Tyler Seguin talks to at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft Combine in Toronto, ON on May 27.



Midway through the NHL Draft Combine in Toronto, spends a few minutes with the player ranked #1 by Central Scouting Services, Tyler Seguin.

EDMONTONOILERS.COM: Talk about your "rise up the charts" over your two-year OHL career.

TYLER SEGUIN: I’ve tried to be as consistent as I can. I think my improvement level has been really good over the past two years. I came in the league ninth overall, I came in this year ranked tenth for the NHL Draft. I kept doing things right I think, I kept getting better and it’s paid off.

How much do you feel you need to improve?

There’s always room for improvement, of course. My improval level as I’ve said has been great and I don’t plan to stop doing it. I’m trying to stay as consistent as I can.

How’s the interview process going for you so far? It’s pretty hectic, you have a lot of interviews packed into a short period of time.

It’s kind of crazy. I only have 10 actually but some guys have 27, so even though I feel exhausted they must be a lot more tired than me. But I mean, it’s all fun. You know, this is a once in a lifetime Draft experience. It is one year long so I’m having as much fun with it as I can.

For those that haven’t been in the interview process, which is most of our fans, can you walk us through it and tell us what exactly is involved.

Well, usually you meet with whoever it may be, you can meet with 10 teams like me or 27. They sit you down at a table – we call it a hotseat between the boys. Some teams may have five guys, some teams may have 15 interviewers and you kind of just get questions fired at you. Sometimes the questions are just on what your daily life is, what your hobbies are, and other times it’s like “What do you like better: a gun or a good poem?” You know some of them are quite tricky but it’s fun.

What has been one question that stood out to you the most? How did you answer?

The one that was most crazy was, “What do you like better, a gun or a good poem?” I said I think guns are destructive so I guess – I’m not very poetic – but I’d say a good poem over that.

Has it been what you’ve expected over the whole process or have you been blindsided by it?

You know, I haven’t really tried to look ahead or guess what’s going on. I knew there was going to be interviews and I know the testing tomorrow is going to be quite difficult, but again it’s just all fun. Obviously it’s a bit difficult but I’m having a good, fun time with it.

What are your expectations for the fitness testing tomorrow?

I actually did the fitness testing last year during my summer. I know I did the run instead of the bike, but I know it’s a lot of biking and I’ve heard it’s very difficult. And then there’s bench press, push-ups, sit-ups, all that fun stuff I guess.

Do you have any goals in mind for it?

Nope, I’m not setting any goals because I don’t want to be disappointed or anything like that. I’m just going to go out there and work my hardest.

Switching to the Oilers, do you ever find yourself looking at their lineup, the Gagners and the Eberles all being around the same age, and you just see how you might fit in to that type of environment?

Of course. I saw Edmonton come down and play Detroit and I sat right behind the bench actually and I tried to envision myself where I’d be out there. They obviously have a very young team and I think they’re going to be a great organization now and in the future.

Have you spoken with the Oilers already?

Yes, about an hour ago actually. It was good, they asked the normal questions. They’re all great guys and I’ve met them all now so I wasn’t unfamiliar with any of their faces in there and it was a great interview.

Tambellini was saying that you have had a chance to sit down and have dinner with him. How did that go?

It was good. When you go in to those type of interviews with those people, you might think that they’re not even human almost, but in the end he’s a good guy. He’s a father, his son plays for the Islanders he said, and yes, he was a nice guy.

Tambellini also said there’s a good chance you might fly into Edmonton. First of all, talk about that opportunity and second, what are your expectations.

Yes, I’m planning to fly into Edmonton in two weeks. I get Airmiles because I’ve been on planes like crazy. I look forward to it. I’ve been to Edmonton when I was nine years old for the Brick tournament at West Edmonton Mall and I think it should be fun and I’m looking forward to it.

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