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Principe's Blog: Deadline Day Timeline

by Gene Principe / Edmonton Oilers
Gene Principe interviews Taylor Hall (photo by Andy Devlin / EOHC)

It comes twice a year and it's kind of like 'Hockey Christmas'. One that happens in the summer on July first and the other is Deadline Day. Here's a look at what my day was like. (All on Central time. One hour ahead of Edmonton time.)

6:30am - 25 years in the business, as of next month, and I leave my phone on overnight. A barrage of texts light up the room with loud beeps. I'm a heavy sleeper but I wake up. Guess I knew it was time to get up anyways.

7:00am - I google Nikolai Khabibulin. I figure that he's the hottest commodity who might be on the move so I need to know as much as I can. I find out his middle name is Ivanovic. That he shares an NHL record for most shutouts in a playoff series. He had 3 in the opening round vs. NYI in 2004. I also found out that despite the fact he had played for Wpg,Phx,TB,Chicago and Edmonton he had only been traded once.

8:00 am - I meet Sportsnet Edmonton cameraman Cory Blashill and Sportsnet's Ryan Leslie in hotel lobby. We decide to walk indoors to MTS Centre. It takes a map and numerous turns but 20 minutes later we get there.

10:00am - We finally 'go live'. Ryan, who is covering Winnipeg, and I say there has been a trade. We swapped a breakfast sandwich for a pastry, fruit and cup of coffee to be poured later. Rink goes very quiet.

11:00am - Go into Winnipeg room and Evander Kane, while looking at the mic flag with SN on it, mentions another network with a T at the beginning. Won't be using that interview

11:30am - Edmonton hits the ice and everyone is presented and accounted for. No one is missing.

12:00 pm - It's right about this time news begins to come out through @NHL_Oilers that Tom Gilbert has been traded. I retweet immediately,

12:05pm - Ryan Whitney comes off and asks "Has anyone been traded?'. Someone responds "Yes Tom Gilbert." Whitney looks like Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist' as his heads spins around. Not sure if he believes the response.

12:06 - Sam Gagner follows and says 'Anything going on?" A media member says 'Tom Gilbert has been traded". Sam says 'Gibby not Gibby" but his former roommate has been moved for Nick Schultz.

12:07 - I pass on Gilbert's phone number to our assignment desk. We get him on the air first. Small victory on a competitive day.

12:10 - After Tom Renney addresses the team he addresses the media. "Tom Gilbert handled this like he handled everything else..first class."

12:20 - Edmonton room opens and players react. Consensus is a good friend has been dealt.

12:35 - I sneak in a few sandiwiches as the Winnipeg Jets provide us with lunch.

12:50 - I listen back to all the interviews just to see what the best sound is on the deal.

1:00 - I hear what Tom Gilbert has to say on the deal. Tom appears to be taking it well. He looks surprised but not totally that he has been dealt.

2:00 - I start writing my voice overs for my story and shoot my standup. I don't go any farther as I await Steve Tambellini's presser.

2:15-3:00 - I begin to work on what I need to do for the Edmonton-Winnipeg broadcast for that night. Bad, cheesy puns take time.

3:15 - Kevin Cheveldayoff starts his presser on dealing Johnny Oduya.

3:30 - Steve Tambellini presser is underway. He discusses how signing Ales Hemsky was the focus going into the deadline and that the Gilbert-Schultz deal happened in the last few days.

4:00 - I wrap up all my 'Deadline Day' duties by sending in my scripts. I make sure it all makes sense and then I sign off that part of my day before I continue working on the Oilers-Jets game.
I debated getting out of the rink for a bit but I don't know how to get back to the hotel. I decide I don't want to walk outside (didn't bring a jacket to Winnipeg) so I just stay at the rink.

I didn't factor in washroom breaks (too much information) or time spent wandering whether it be in the building or in my mind. That's an idea of how the day went. What was yours like?

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