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PRINCIPE: Trade Deadline Day

by Gene Principe / Edmonton Oilers

It has become like hockey's Christmas Day and Boxing Day all rolled up into one. I'm talking about Trade Deadline Day because everyone is looking for a deal. Some are ok to spend money while so many are trying to save a buck or two. I know Oilers TV had it well covered in Edmonton with management and with the team in Calgary. I was in Calgary with the hockey club and this is a look at how my morning/afternoon went on Trade Deadline Day with Sportsnet.

5:01am-Alarm goes off and I'm wondering why. The reason I set it for 5:01 is because my alarm clock was a minute ahead of my blackberry and I didn't want to wake up when the first number starts with a 4.

5:05am-5:30am-Shave, shower and while I'm in the shower I wonder if any NHL GM has made a trade while half asleep.

5:35am-Missed a call from the assignment desk. I call them back and they tell me it's snowing. I look out the window and it's the first rumour of the day.

5:40am-Despite my intention to walk I get lazy and decide to take a cab. I hear it's going to snow anyways.

5:45am-Hop in a cab from Marriott hotel in downtown Calgary to Westin Hotel where the Edmonton Oilers are staying. Apologize to cab driver for short fare. No response.

5:55 am-Actually starts snowing

6:00am- In place and and Daren Millard welcomes viewers to Trade Deadline day on Sportsnet.

6:09 am-Suit gets wet and I ask Nick the cameraman if I can wait in the truck.

6:10 am-I listen to Jeff Marek say something about a 3 way deal and I immediately stop thinking about hockey.

6:40am-I yawn

6:55am-I yawn again

7:25am-Dave from Westin hotel comes over. I'm thinking we're getting kicked off the property. Instead he's very nice offering any help if we need it. I debate asking for Starwood Preferred Guest points even though I'm not staying at the hotel.

7:43-Set up for interview. Fan asks me if Oilers staying at this hotel(STALKER ALERT STALKER ALERT)

7:45am-I get on t.v. for a first time. A short interview with Breakfast Television in Edmonton. I don't use any puns which tells you it must be early.

8:26am-See a guy wearing a Flames jersey. Reminded me I was in Calgary. I think I nodded off for a bit.

8:40-Bump into the Oilers coaching staff by accident(wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) A few hello's as they are game planning and preparing for the night.

9:10-Do my first hit for Sportsnet and nearly get hit by a car. Car was actually being parked but felt like it was going much faster.

9:22-Tim Horton's medium coffee 2 creams and no sugar. Also have 3 timbits(Old Fashioned,Sour Cream Glazed and Apple Fritter).Lady looks at me like I have an eye for each timbit.

10:15am-hop on the bus to the rink

11:05 am-Edmonton acquires Jerred Smithson. I get a call to go live. I talk about newest addition to the team from the Saddledome seats. A nice rush of energy analyzing something that just happened.

12:10pm-Get one on one with Ryan Whitney and sort of kind of call him Ray. I think it was a combo (Rayan). Like any true professional I ask someone else to fix my mistake by editing it out of the interview.

12:55pm-Grab sandwiches from media room and go back to Oilers hotel(Big thank you to Calgary Flames for saving me money.)

1:30pm-Deadline over by half an hour. Stop loitering in Oilers hotel lobby and head back to my hotel.

2:00pm-I listen to Steve Tambellini press conference on Oilers app. No relation to Syl Apps (ok feeling better puns coming back).

That was the way it went. See you next year Trade Deadline Day.

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