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Playing out of their comfort zones

by Meg Tilley @MegsTilley /

It could be described as an out of body experience when a player is asked to play out of position.

But for Oilers defenceman Andrej Sekera, he was willing to roll with the punches at World Cup, playing on either the right or left side of the blueline.

"On the right side it's a little bit difficult, you don't see the ice as well as you do on the left side, especially when you're receiving the puck from the left side," said Sekera. "But you get used to it, you figure it out and get more comfortable with it."

It's never too late to try something new and sometimes it can make a player better for it in the end, becoming more versatile and sometimes a more valuable asset to the team. 

"I hope I stay the same player, nothing changed," said Sekera. "But it shows when you play the system right and work hard and you play for each other, good things can happen."

The blueliner isn't the only one who mixed it up at the tournament or during the NHL season. 

Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl has experience both on the wing and as a reliable centreman. Although some players may prefer to stick to one position, the 20-year-old admits he is content playing in either slot. 

"There's no perfect world," he admitted. "I like playing both, I like playing centre, I like playing the wing, I know people probably don't believe when I say that but I actually mean it, I really don't care. I think I'm equally good in both situations, whether it's the wing or centre." 

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