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Oilers Foundation helps feed an appetite for learning

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation partners with E4C for its School Snack Program.

by Jessica Kent @J_kent10 /

Video: COMMUNITY | EOCF Partners with E4C

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) has announced a donation of $750,000 to E4C's School Snack Program. The funds will be used over three years to help feed 6,000 elementary school students at 26 different Edmonton Public and Edmonton Catholic schools throughout the city.



The announcement was made at Rundle Elementary School while Grade 3 students enjoyed their nutritious snack. Alberta Minister of Education, David Eggen, and Hunter the Oilers new mascot were on hand for the exciting news.

"We know that their healthy minds and healthy bodies come from what students are putting in their bodies," said E4C Chief Executive Officer Barb Spencer. "If they're thinking about their hungry tummy, they're not able to socialize, their self-regulation is impacted, their disposition is impacted and their ability to learn is impacted."

The School Snack Program is adjusted based on each school's needs. Snack time may mean breakfast at some schools or an afternoon snack at others. What's consistent is the snacks are always healthy and the students learn about why proper nutrition is important.

"There's really nothing more fundamental than providing healthy meals and snacks to children to help them grow," said EOCF Executive Director Natalie Minckler. "It's really an extension of our fans and their support and we're all in this together trying to make a better community for everyone."

The $750,000 donation will not only help E4C feed students who may go to school hungry, but will also develop and improve the existing program.

E4C was started as a women's shelter in a church basement 46 years ago; The School Snack Program was developed six years later. The organization now has 26 programs that all focus on eliminating and ultimately ending poverty in Edmonton.

"Why wouldn't we as a community at large, want to have kids be in an environment at school where they can be successful and eliminate some of those really simple barriers," added Spencer.

The EOCF has partnered with E4C in the past, but not to this extent.

"When our Board of Directors realized the impact that our funding was having on supplying healthy snacks to elementary students in our community it really was not a difficult decision for our Board to make," said Minckler.

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