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Oilers Fantasy Hockey Forecast - 03/23/2011

by Ryan Dittrick / Edmonton Oilers
March has been a cruel month to Oilers fans. The team is currently struggling and the continuous injury situation has put a damper on the team’s offensive showcase. As a result, Oilers Fantasy Hockey has turned muddy in a challenging time.

As has been the mantra all season, battling through adversity is the key to success. Finding the value in newcomers and unsung heroes will work in your favour as the season winds down.

This week, we’ll be featuring a new batch of players to bring to your attention. All will receive raises, providing a greater challenge to the makeup of your group. Cap management, at least for the time being, has become less worrisome. The focus now revolves around on-ice success. Make that work and worry about the rest at a later time. 


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No more than one hour following the completion of Thursday's game vs. St. Louis, the newly introduced salaries for all our highlighted players will be implemented.

Here are this week’s salary amendments:


Naturally, Edmonton’s active points leader will be relied upon heavily as the season nears its conclusion. The 20-year-old has had a solid rookie campaign, but has struggled of late in the team’s overall inability to produce consistent offence.

Increased power-play time, among top-line minutes during even-strength play has provided Eberle with the necessary opportunity to grab hold of a new role.

Eberle has received his fair share of time on the sidelines this season, but has fortunately been able to escape the recent wrath. In doing so, he heads into tomorrow evening’s game vs. St. Louis with a healthy total of 601 Fantasy points on the season.

In a time when producing offence has been challenging for the Oilers, production in other areas becomes more valuable. Eberle has done that, with a number of his points coming through shots on goal, blocked shots, and an overall excellent balance covering the relevant offensive categories.

Given the situation, including Eberle is a no-brainer. 

Speaking of players who bring a wide array of skills to your lineup, Liam Reddox encompasses that aspect with a tremendous balance across the board. The energy forward has yet to record on a goal on the season, but his impressive output in the intangible areas have helped make him an incredibly valuable commodity.

Reddox has accumulated an impressive 276 Fantasy points in only 35 games this season. While offence is certainly not expected from the 25-year-old, his value as a crash-and-bang winger has helped vault him up the season standings.

In his 35 games this season, Reddox has been able to contribute with 66 shots on goal, 65 hits and 17 blocked shots. While his game is certainly tailored to the foot soldier role, Reddox has begun taking on greater responsibility as a centreman.

This is the one potential drawback to his inclusion, as his faceoff numbers have struggled. A -36 rating in that category has hurt his total, but has slowly been improving as his role continues to undergo a transition.

Regardless of his total in the circle, Reddox will be a valued contributor on your roster   

RYAN JONES ($1M > $3M)

Ryan Jones has taken on a much greater role since the injury bug collided with the locker room. The gritty winger began the season on the fourth line, but has been elevated to regular top-six duty in the absence of some of the Oilers’ most dynamic stars up front.

In addition to the expected physical game, which includes blocked shots, Jones’ offensive numbers have seen an increase in recent weeks as he looks to earn another contract with the Oilers.

Jones has now accumulated 693 Fantasy points on the season, which has put him among the team leaders overall. With nine games to play and more opportunity ahead, look for Jones to continue his rising play.

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