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Movie time with Tom

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
I've been pretty busy recently and haven't done anything too exciting to be honest. It's been a while since I've given some movie reviews and I've seen lots of them over the past month or so. On our last road trip me and Jason watched like three movies in our hotel room and then we saw a bunch more in theatres.

First I went and saw The Fourth Kind with Jason, Nilsson and Khabi and I thought would be more scary but it didn't live up to the expectation. The previews make it look really scary but trust me it wasn't. Then right after that we saw 2012 and I actually really liked that one. I love going to double features. I've only done the triple feature twice before but it's a big commitment. You've got like six hours in the theatre and your only meal is popcorn and pop so you need to fuel up before you dive into those.

People have asked me what it's like having Jason as a roommate and I have to say that it's great. We're pretty similar. He's a lot different from my old roommate Mr. Kyle Brodziak because he was impossible to get up in the mornings. I was always the first one to get up, but with Jason once the alarm hits he hops right out of bed and into the shower. It's pretty impressive actually.

We always get a movie pretty much every night we can on the road. It's nice when you're at home for a week and a half because I think we've seen every movie in the hotels and it'll be nice to get some new ones in there.

Other than that, I've been trying to catch up on some TV now that we're back home. I'm watching a lot of House and I have to watch Gossip Girl because Mike's girlfriend is on there.

That's about it for now. Thanks again for all your replies.

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