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LIVE GAME BLOG: Oilers Rookies vs. Flames Rookies

by Meg Tilley / Edmonton Oilers
4  (OT) 3


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Forward Lines:

Benik - Butcher - Russell
Shirley - Stadnyk - Descheneau
Christoffer - Platzer - Chase
Bauer - Foster - Soustal

Defensive Pairings:

Jenkins - Irving
Betker - Doetzel
Jones - Benning


Dylan Wells


20:00: The game is now underway.

12:08: Flames defenceman Kenny Morrison takes a shot from fthe top of the Oilers blueline but the puck is deflects over the net. 

11:23: Oilers forward Braden Christoffer rushes the Flames net with linemate Greg Chase for a 2-on-1, but a scramble in front of Calgary's net sees the puck quickly dished out of the crease.

10:59: Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk gives Calgary the lead as he pops the puck over Oilers goaltender Dylan Wells blocker. | CGY 1, EDM 0 

Flames forward Ryan Lomberg receives two minutes for hooking while Oilers forward Chad Butcher receives two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct.

7:17: Flames forward Brett Pollock receives two minutes for holding.

6:31: Oilers defenceman Aaron Irving receives two minutes for tripping.

2:29: Flames forward Dillon Dube receives two minutes for slashing.

2:00: Oilers forward Jaedon Descheneau rips a shot from the top of the has marks but it hits the crossbar and is deflected out.

1:01: OIlers forward Joey Benik scores the equalizer, tapping the puck into Flames goaltender Tyler Parsons' net. | EDM 1, CGY 1

The period has now ended.


20:00: The period is now underway.

14:53: A scramble in front of the Flames net sees the Oilers rookies with a number of chances but are unable to put them to bed. Tkachuk receives four minutes for spearing.

12:41: Flames forward Austin Carroll receives two minutes for cross checking Oilers forward Chad Butcher, giving Edmonton a two-man advantage.

8:25: Flames defenceman Ryan Culkin receives two minutes for delayed game. Flames sub goaltender Mason MacDonald in for Parsons.

8:03: Benik flies into the Flames defensive zone and fires a shot, top-right corner from below the goal line. | EDM 2, CGY 1 

Chase receives two minutes for hooking.  

6:29: OIlers defenceman Ben Betker reecives two minutes for cross-checking, giving the Flames a two-man lead.

5:09: Oilers forward Matthew Benning receives two minutes for high sticking.

3:21: Oilers defenceman Kyle Doetzel  receives two minutes for interference and five minutes for fighting while Flames forward Hunter Smith receives five minutes for fighting. 

00:00: The period has ended.


20:00: The period is now underway.

13:27: Oilers forward Collin Shirley rips a shot from the top of the hash marks, glove side of McDonald, give Edmonton a two-goal lead. | EDM 3, CGY 1

Flames forward Mikkel Aagaard rockets a chot from the top of the Oilers blueline to decrease the Oilers lead to one. | EDM 3, CGY 2

9:05: The Flames advance on the Oilers net with a 3-on-1 opportunity as Flames forward Brayden Burke sneaks a shot past Wells for the equalizer. | EDM 3, CGY3

4:48: Wells lunges to block a shot and prevents the Flames from taking the lead.

00:00: The period has ended.


5:00: The period is now underway.

4:13: The Flames advance on the Oilers net but are denied by Wells. As the puck is sent up the ice by Butcher, Descheneau is there to receive it, who skates it into the Flames defensive zone and puts it away for the overtime win. | EDM 4, CGY 3

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