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Let's go streaming!

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
It's been a crazy few days. With the 7am medicals, commute in and out of Camrose for the Oil Country Rookie Tournament, and a three-in-three, I'm pretty exhausted . . . and there's no relief in sight. This Thursday, the young Oil return to Camrose to take on the ACAC All-Stars. Then bright and early Friday morning, the club opens its main Training Camp with medicals and testing, and then it's the Joey Moss Cup, a pre-season FOUR-IN-FOUR (!!?), and then the regular season gets underway shortly thereafter. That's 82 games of video, audio, features, and recaps, in case you've forgotten. Plus playoffs. No biggie.

But if I sound like I'm complaining, you're hearing me wrong. Sure, the season is hectic and the schedule is daunting, but it sure is exciting. Just ask the people of Camrose.


The Rose City opened its arms and the beautiful Edgeworth Centre for nearly 90 young hockey stars (plus their coaches, scouts, and handlers in general). The place was packed for all three prospect games and fans got a heavy dose of goals, fights, and high-energy hockey. It's been a long summer but fall has finally arrived in Camrose.

For those of you who couldn't make it to the Rookie Tourny, I hope you were able to catch the live streaming on Oilers TV. I know the feed was a little choppy through the first period of Sunday night's game vs. the Flames, but we made a few adjustments (by “we” I mean Mike and Peter of the Flames web department, with assistance from Steve and Marc . . . and my encouragement) and things seemed to run a bit smoother after that.

THERE'S NO 'I' IN INTERNET TEAM . . . figuratively speaking

It was the first time we'd done any live streaming and the first time any NHL team has live streamed three full games to multiple websites. Steve and Marc (and Mike and Peter) took turns operating cameras and switching between them, dynamic duo Rod Phillips and Bob Stauffer provided play-by-play, and though I was pretty busy stringing sentences together, I'm confident our broadcast rivaled the Olympics in terms of production quality.

Like the players on the ice, we were rookies heading into the weekend, but thanks to some serious help from our NHL peers (including Karen from the Canucks) and Nyki Scheuerman of NAIT's radio & television program, we've set the standard for sports web broadcasting. In Camrose. Sundays through Tuesdays.

Not sure when we'll be streaming another live event, but I'm sure you'll hear all about it before it happens. Until then, you can immerse yourself in my ultra-descriptive articles, Steve's stellar video features, and Marc's excellent project management skills. Lucky!



In other Rookie Camp news, have you been reading/watching Taylor Chorney's blog? Do you not agree that the boy can BTYB like nobody's business? (If that makes no sense to you, see last week's entry for clarification.)



In other Training Camp news, I can't believe I'm talking about Training Camp. I'll admit I have a love/hate relationship with the off-season, but Training Camp somehow snuck up on me. The players are in town. I've seen them. And they look like they've spent a summer destroying bench presses and are ready to set their sights on some hockey ice. Which is installed. I've seen it too. It's glorious!
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