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Jen's Journal: Sneak peeks & cheats

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers

We're about midway through the pre-season and everyone in the Oilers web department is fairly swamped with all the stats, scripts and other stuff that constitutes a normal September.

With the deadline for my first bi-weekly blog quickly approaching (and passing), I thought to myself, "Boy, I sure hope Oilers fans are enjoying this content because we are all working very hard to deliver it to them in a timely and entertaining manner."*  * paraphrased

And then the lightbulb went off! What if I wrote a blog explaining how to get the most out of so you can impress all your friends with your knowledge of impressive Oilers info?

Thus, The User's Guide was born. Oilers fans are complex individuals, but I hope these tips help you achieve your goal of being the best-informed fan this side of Jasper Ave.


START HERE: For the die-hard fan who cares more about Magnus Paajarvi's ice time than his mom's birthday (shame on you / high five), I recommend starting your voyage at the Oilers News & Features listing. This can be most-easily accessed from the NEWS drop-down menu.

Insider Info: When the Oilers release official information about camp cuts, player signings, etc., it will ALWAYS show up here first. And because there are no graphics on this page, it should update and load faster in your browser -- you know, when time is of the essence.

THEN GO HERE: After we add a news item, we post a tweet on our official NHL_Oilers twitter account. Anyone can view our Twitter page, but if you have your own account, you can sign up to receive our tweets via text message or email. That means that even if you're buying another Taylor Hall jersey at the Oilers Store (I know you want one), you can find out the latest Oilers news nearly instantly.


START HERE: When the Oilers hit the ice for practice, morning skate, or puck drop, we're there. So unless the team takes a complete day off, you can count on a written recap, video features and audio interviews of the day's happenings.

On non-game days, we call it The Team Today and you can always find the latest ones in The Team Today listing (or click the Team Today tab under the News drop-down menu item)

On game days, our reports are included in the game preview and game recap. Previews are posted as top story first thing game day morning, and you can access recaps for individual games on the schedule page.

Insider Info: Want to quickly check out the preview when you're reading a recap? In the URL, simply swap out the word "recap" for "preview" (or vice versa):

THEN GO HERE: If you would rather digest the day's news with your eyes closed, I suggest you get quick access to our latest video and audio clips via Dig Deeper. Below the top story on the main page, you'll see a section called Fresh Finds. This is where we highlight some other news or video items that didn't fit in our top stories.

Fresh Finds has actually three frames (Front Page, Lighter Side, and Dig Deeper) which you can access just to the right. Dig Deeper is a simple listing of most recent video, editorial, and audio additions we've made.


START HERE: For the more visual learners in Oil Country, we've implemented Oilers This Week. Every Monday, we provide a rundown on our anticipated content for the following seven days. There are always changes, obviously, but this is the page that gives you a snapshot of what's been posted and what to expect in the days ahead.

THEN GO HERE:  Oilers videos are the best in the NHL (we've got the stats to prove it), so if that's what you're looking for, jump right into Oilers On Demand, our video player. Make sure you're on the Oilers Today channel (right below top menu), and kick your feet up. It's called "studying."


This is Crystal Leriger, host of The Link. Now you DEFINITELY want to watch.
START HERE: While some fans only care about what happens between puck drop and final buzzer, others are more curious about what the players do outside the rink. Where do they like to eat? In what ways do they help out in the community? Do they dominate or disappoint in ten-pin bowling?

For those fans, the first stop should be our online TV show, The Link. During the season, a new episode of The Link is published every Monday and Thursday featuring fun (and sometimes silly) videos for your viewing pleasure. You can get a summary of the latest episode in the "Lighter Side" section of Fresh Finds (below top story). You can also access more Link videos under the Link channel in the video player.

Insider Info: To quickly switch between video channels, simply change the "console?catid=" number in the URL:

Oilers Today channel:
The Link channel:
Ask an Oiler channel:

THEN GO HERE: The Oilers web team has access to a lot of places normal fans cannot go, and we like to share those experiences with you whenever possible. One of our favourite (and quick) ways to do this is post pictures to our Oilers Travels twitter account. You can also view these photos on the main website here.

That's concludes User Guide, Vol. 1.0. As the season continues and we make changes to our programming, I'll try to keep you in the loop so that you don't fall behind the curve.

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