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Intro to the off-season

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
Well, we're four days removed from the end of the season and I'm still shocked by how quickly it passed. Seems like only yesterday that I glanced at the schedule, saw a daunting 80+ games remaining, and silently wondered how I was going to make it through. But like the cliché goes, you take it one game at a time and before you know it, April is just around the corner.

I had forgotten what the off-season feels like, and now that it's back, I must say the most notable difference is the return to routine. During the season, you only ever look as far ahead as the next game or the upcoming week's opponents, at the most. There is no “Monday to Friday” or “weekend;” instead, game-days, off-days, home stands, and road trips craft our calendars.


This past Monday was photo and locker clean-out day. With the media and staff crowding around the Oilers door, the players and coaches walked out to the ice for the final time. After our photographer Andy Devlin took the team photo, he summoned the staff onto the ice. Accountants, Customer Experience Reps, IT specialists, and – yes – website gurus shuffled out to center ice to pose for a shot with the team, marking the first and only time the entire Oilers organization was together this season.

After the photos, the players returned to their stalls and the media descended in on the locker room. Not surprisingly, there were about a dozen cameras and twice as many reporters gathering end-of-season thoughts from the players. We completed over a dozen interviews, and you can watch (and listen) to them by following this link.


What's next? Well, the Oilers coaching situation is the big topic of discussion these days, but other than covering those developments, Marc, Steve, and I will be working on many, many website plans for 2009-10. As of right now, there are 50 plans to be developed. I'm not exaggerating.

And what's next for Jen's Journal? Cue your jealousy because I'm off to Mexico next week, and, call me cruel, but I kind of hope it snows just one more time while I am away. What's the point of being in Mexico if you can't brag about the 30-degree improvement in temperature? That's my philosophy.

I won't be scheduling my summer blogs but you can expect an update, article, or dig at Dan Tencer every once in a while. You will be deprived of Oilers hockey for the following four months, so to deprive you of Jen's Journal would be downright irresponsible.

Until next time,
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