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In Depth: Levels

From the music in the dressing room to the cheer of the crowd, the sounds of the game have a way of impacting the Oilers

by Paul Gazzola /

The discordant noise of 18,000 cheering Oilers fans is somehow so harmonious. When reverberating in Rogers Place, the good vibrations create an exhilarating sensation for the players.

In the Oilers Dressing Room, the team's win song elicits a similar thrill. Forty-four times this season it's played and with the way the club is performing, It'll likely be heard again.

It's become a ritual since their first victory of the campaign on October 12, 2016, when they beat their Alberta rivals 7-4. The track is not Grammy-nominated - but the artist is - and its purpose is to spread positivity. Enliven the collective. Keep the heart rates up and atmosphere upbeat by beats per minute.

With a 'W' filed freshly in the win column, the stereo system awakens. Piano keys drop in dance tempo. Joining it is a drum pad tick. The jingle chimes, fusing swing with electric house. The lyrics aren't complex and the vocals don't extend in range but the rhythm is lively.

As excitement hikes, the beat in RedFoo's "Juicy Wiggle" drops.

And celebration erupts.

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