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How well does Staios, Reasoner and Horcoff know Ethan Moreau?

by Staff Writer / Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton Oilers captain Ethan Moreau returned to action last week after a lengthy absence due to injury. Prior to him returning, we asked several of his long time teammates - Marty Reasoner, Steve Staios and Shawn Horcoff - some questions to see how well they knew their captain.

Steve Staios

Marty Reasoner

Shawn Horcoff

Ethan Moreau
What is the name of his pet? He's got a little dog named Stella. It's a fru fru little dog that he won't admit to liking. Stella. Because it's his favourite beer. I know he's got a dog, small one… Stella. Stella.
What was his first ever job? Sneaking into the casino and stealing money in Orilia. Probably a taxicab driver. Probably playing in the NHL. He made it when he was 18, just ask him. I cut the grass at a driving range with a hand lawnmower.
What band would he pay any money to see? Pearl Jam. He doesn't pay for anything but I know he's a big Pearl Jam fan and he thinks he's buddies with guys from Fleetwood Mac. Pearl Jam, no brainer. Pearl Jam.
What type of stick does he use? Any company that pays him enough money. It's a Compro. I think he's the only guy in the league that uses it - actually it hasn't been used yet since he hasn't played in a year. A Compro. Compro.
What was his draft position? How could I forget? He talks about it all the time. 14 to Chicago. 14th. Same as me. First round, I'll give him 8th. 14th overall.
What is his favourite city on the road? Chicago. Chicago. New York. Chicago.
What is his favourite restaurant on the road? Bolo in Chicago. Morton's Steakhouse. That's pretty tough. Nobu in Dallas. Bolo in Chicago.
Ethan's favourite sport after hockey is… Golf. Basketball. Basketball. Basketball.
What is his golf handicap? He lies. He'll say he's more but he's probably about an eight. He probably says it's a six but it's actually a 10. He'll probably tell you he's a 12 or so but he's probably a 10. Six.
How many teeth does he have missing? Front four. At least four in front unless it's two huge ones. Four in front. Four.
What is his usual pre-game meal? Salmon and a little bit of pasta and salad. Pasta, chicken, salad and salmon. Big salad, lots of vegetables to start. A little chicken and probably a little pasta.  Fish, salad, that's about it.
Where did he play Junior? Niagara Falls and Sudbury. He started in Niagara Falls then he went to Sudbury. He can't tell me enough about his accolades in junior. Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls and Sudbury.
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