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How well do you know Tom Gilbert?

by Staff Writer / Edmonton Oilers
Oilers fans have gotten to know defenceman Tom Gilbert through his weekly blog on, but how well do his teammates perform in Gilbert 101? We tested Robert Nilsson, Ladislav Smid, and Kyle Brodziak with a few Tom-related questions, so check out their answers and final scores below.

Robert Nilsson

Ladislav Smid

Kyle Brodziak

Tom Gilbert
What is Tom's middle name? Starts with a 'K'. Who knows? Kelly. My middle name is Kelly.
How often does he get his hair cut?
 Once a month. Once a month, especially colour. He's not a natural blonde. Once a month.  Probably once a month.
What was his best-ever bowling score?
Between 230-245. 190. 240. 242.
If he was a pro bowler, what would his nickname be?
Loser, if he played against me.  Barbie.  The Hurricane. Striker.
What topic does he often write about in his blog?
 I've never read it. Soccer? Shoes?  I've never read it. Going to movies, shopping for shoes. The movies I watch.
If he had a dog, what would he name him or her?
Bobby. Jazz.  Brody. I'd name him Flash.
How many siblings does he have? (Bonus points if you can name them.)
Two siblings: one brother and one sister. I know he has one brother here. I would say two brothers. Two brothers: one's named Cory but I don't know the other.  I have two siblings: younger brother Cory and older brother Dan.
What is his least-favourite houshold chore.
Taking care of Cogs and Gags. Cleaning the toilets. Vacuuming. Probably doing the dishes.
How many pairs of shoes does he own?
 18. Around 15 pairs. 30-40 pairs. I probably own 25-30 pairs of shoes.
If he was your Valentine, what would you have bought him on February 14th?
 A rose.  A Tiffany necklace with half of the heart. I would keep the other half so he would always be close to my heart. (turns to Tom) I like you, Tom, I like you. I big heart-shaped box of chocolates I would have liked to have a nice wine and dine date, and probably a movie right after. Something romantic like "The Notebook."

Robert Nilsson = 2/10

Ladislav Smid = 2/10

Kyle Brodziak = 7/10
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