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How well do you know Sheldon Souray?

by Staff Writer / Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton Oilers defenceman Sheldon Souray is a slapshot legend on the ice, but what kind of impact does he make off the ice? We tested teammates Steve Staios, Jason Strudwick, and Shawn Horcoff in Souray 101. Check out their answers and final scores below.

Steve Staios

Jason Strudwick

Shawn Horcoff

Sheldon Souray
What is his middle name? Hammer. I have no idea what his middle name is. I don’t even know what his first real name is, actually.  0 for 1 already. William. My middle name is Sherrick.
Who is his favourite female celebrity?
 Cindy Crawford. He talks about Ellen a lot. I don’t know if that’s his favourite but he mentions her a lot in the room. Cindy Crawford.  My favourite female celebrity is Angelina Jolie.
How often does he get his hair cut?
I think he travels with a hair stylist so whenever he wants. It’s hard to tell because it always looks like it’s one piece, like a Lego head set. Probably once a week. He never lets it go that long. I get my hair cut every two months.
Which team selected him in the 1994 NHL Entry Draft?
New Jersey Devils.   The answer is New Jersey Devils.  Jersey. New Jersey Devils.
What is his favourite piece of clothing?
 All of them.  He’s a pretty good dresser. He has pretty nice jeans. I like the way his jeans fit… Did I say that? It’s gotta be a jacket. Purple velour jacket I think. My brown velvet jacket.
How long does it take him to get ready in the morning?
He’s usually the last one on the bus so longer than the rest of us. When he comes in he’s always well put together. The rest of us have our hair all over the place. I’m going to say well over 10 minutes.  I was his roommate for a bit. Probably half an hour.  In the morning it takes me 20 minutes to get ready with a shower.
What is Sheldon most proud of?
On a serious note, his daughters. He’s most proud of his wardrobe. He seems to push the envelope. Is he the best dressed guy on the team? Some would say yes, but I’m not sure about that. His NHL record. Most power play goals by a defenceman.  I am most proud of my two kids.
Who is his most famous friend?
Cuba Gooding Jr.  I really have no idea. That’s a good question. Besides Chris Chelios? Randy Gerber. Cuba Gooding Jr.
If you gave him five dollars to spend at a convenience store, what would he buy?
 Hair products. He likes the chips. Salt and vinegar. It can’t be any hair of facial products. He spends more than five bucks on that stuff. Maybe Q-Tips. I would buy three packs of gum.
Who is his favourite super hero?
 Wonder Woman.  I’d say he looks like a Batman kind of guy to me. He wears tight clothes, Batman wears a tight outfit. It makes sense. Spider Man. The Incredible Hulk.

Steve Staios = 3/10

J. Strudwick = 1/10

Shawn Horcoff = 2/10
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