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How well do you know Dustin Penner?

by Staff Writer / Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton Oilers forward Dustin Penner is in his second season with the club. That seems like plenty of time to get to know somebody, but how well do Shawn Horcoff, Kyle Brodziak, and Sam Gagner perform in Penner 101? See their scores below.

Shawn Horcoff

Kyle Brodziak

Sam Gagner

Dustin Penner
What is his hometown? Winnipeg. It's in Manitoba, I know that. They went there last year for Hockey Day in Canada.
Uh . . . Winkler!
Winkler, Manitoba. Winkler, Manitoba.
If he wasn't in the NHL, what would he do? Bartender. Professional darts player. Something in business. Professional golfer.
What is his biggest pet peeve? In-season workouts. Working on his quick feet. Definitely not lateness. Slow drivers.
Who would play him in a movie? Will Ferrell. One of the Baldwin brothers. Vince Vaughn. Jack Bauer. He could die his hair and beef up a bit. They can make you look a foot taller on TV anyways.
What is his usual pre-game meal? He was my roommate for a bit, so salad with salmon and pasta. He would always get me to sneak him two cookies, so two cookies at the end. I'm sure he goes to Piccolino's. Penne with some kind of rose sauce. Salad, a couple of buns, maybe one or two pieces of chicken. Penne with tomato sauce and double chicken. I pick one of the fine Italian eateries in Edmonton or make it myself. It consists of penne pasta, maybe of a whole wheat nature, depending on availability. Then some rose sauce, chicken, and salad.
Who was his favourite player growing up? Cam Neely. Winnipeg Jets. Dale Hawerchuk. Gretzky. Mario Lemieux.
What band would he pay any money to see? Tiesto. DJ Tiesto. DJ Tiesto. It's a DJ. DJ Tiesto.
What languages would he like to learn? Italian. If he got the ambition to learn a language, what nationality has the best-looking women? Spanish. Spanish. Spanish. Probably because they've got the hottest women.
What does he get teased about the most? His weight. His size and lack of personality. There's not one thing you can really hit. Probably that he's a bully. We call him O'Doyle. That I'm a bully. Sometimes they call me O'Doyle.
What is his favourite non-hockey team? Blue Bombers. Oakland Raiders. Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It used to be the Anaheim Angels, but now I'll have to say the Tampa Bay Rays.
What is his favourite TV show? Entourage. Family Guy or Seinfeld. Family Guy.  Entourage and 24.

Shawn Horcoff = 2/11

Kyle Brodziak = 4/11

Sam Gagner = 4/11
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