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Home Sweet Home

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
It's been almost two weeks since I last wrote something so I thought I'd take a few minutes to recap what's happened. I guess the big story last week was when Andrew, Pouliot, and I took Steve Staios' kids Ella and Nate out for sushi and a movie. Ella is about five and Nate is six or seven. They love sushi and they knew what they were going to get before we even got there.

I always seem to admit things that I don't really want to admit, and in this entry I will admit that I really wanted to see High School Musical 3 so taking the kids was a great excuse. I blamed the movie choice on them. I wouldn't say it's as good as the first two (which I kind of liked) but it was still pretty good.

Erik Cole also brought his kids out and Sam wanted to see it too but couldn't make it. Now nobody else will go and see it with him so he's a bit upset about that.

Robert Nilsson and I pose with some fans during our autograph signing at the new Rexall pharmacy.
Sunday afternoon Robert Nilsson and I went to the new Rexall store to sign some autographs and that was really nice. It's a great store and, as always, our fans are awesome. It feels good to give something back even if it's just an autograph. They support us whether we're winning or losing and it's important for me to show them that their support is appreciated.

Tonight Sam, Andrew, and Jason Strudwick and I are going to the Dancing With The Stars charity event. Jason's wife is one of the “celebrities” dancing in it so I'm looking forward to it. It seems like a very fun thing to do if you have the opportunity. As long as you practice a lot, I think that almost anybody could get fairly good at it. Don't know if you'll see me on the dance floor anytime soon, but it'll be fun to go and watch.

Other than that stuff, not much has been going on. Having five days off without games has been great. Sam and Andrew and I haven't been home this much in a long time and our place needs a serious cleaning. We'll have to get the cleaning lady over here soon. We're just way too lazy to do it ourselves.

Actually yesterday Cogs did some cooking which is really rare. He made brats which are his favorite. I had no objection to him doing the cooking because Sam and I don't do it much ourselves. The only dish I really cook is called The Creation. I learned it from an Austrian teammate I had in college. All you have to do is chop up some potatoes and then add whatever else you want (like ham and veggies) and pop it in the oven. Then I put cheese on top to make it a well-rounded meal.

Sam is interested in cooking some more but he's just too lazy to get his act together. He even ripped out this recipe in a magazine but hasn't made it for us yet. I'm waiting patiently.

Talk to you later,
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