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Halloween with the Team

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
I've got a few minutes here at the hotel in Raleigh so I thought I'd get this blog out of the way before our busy weekend. I don't have any movie updates because I haven't seen any new ones this week. A few of us are going to the mall right away, but then we're all heading over to Erik Cole's house for a team dinner and get together. His parents and family and friends still live here, so it will be nice to see his house and just hang out for a bit.

Earlier this week Ethan Moreau hosted a Halloween party and I went as The Joker (Heath Ledger style). It was a great party but I have to say that the best part was the karaoke machine in the basement. I honestly believe that karaoke brings out a person's true character and Jason Strudwick was in his element. Some guys say that he didn't leave to go to the bathroom once. He was definitely the MVP of karaoke.

The next day we flew to Nashville. I really enjoy that city, mostly because our hotel is right near the main strip and there's always live music and bands playing. It's a nice change from the usual radio stuff you normally hear. It's really like the atmosphere so it's too bad we didn't get to spend more time there.

After the game we flew to Carolina and practiced this morning. We had a team meeting in the locker room and had a good talk about what we want to accomplish as a team. We're still looking forward to this road trip and staying positive, which is important.

After this weekend's games, we're heading to New York and will spend a few days there. All the wives and moms are joining us there and I think Sam and I are going to take our moms to a play. I'm not sure which one but I'm looking forward to that. I'll probably find some time to go shopping too so I'll be sure to fill you in on my purchases.

We're about to leave for Erik's house so I'll wrap this up now. Talk to you next week.

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