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Gretzky's Hall of Fame story

by Chris Wescott | Head Writer @TheChrisWescott /

Video: RAW | Wayne Gretzky Hall of Fame

Wayne Gretzky calls himself a "huge historian of the game," who likes to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame on occasion. Given his celebrity status among those who would frequent such an establishment, Gretzky sometimes has to go in disguise.

Gretzky claims he's sometimes put on a hat and glasses, so as not to be recognized by fans or staff so he may enjoy the exhibits as a fan of the game himself.

"A couple of years ago I took my son, who at the time was 11 or 12, and I had a hat on," said Gretzky. "I went into the Hall of Fame and I just told him to keep his head down. We walked around for two hours. We saw everything there was to see and then went down to that part where you actually interact and take some shots. So my son got out there and was four for five. He said, 'dad, try it.' So I said, 'okay.'"

"I got out there and missed the first three shots I took. The young man who was taking care of the line walked over to me and said, 'sir, move your hand down the stick a little bit farther.'"

"I lifted my hat up, and I said, 'go get me one of those pucks that are in there, there's 802 of them.' My son killed himself laughing, and I got out of there."

The NHL's all-time leading scorer needs no instruction.


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